Sunday, February 22, 2009

Otter Creek Brewing Company

I'm not even going to go out on a limb here and state the fact that has been my mantra from the weekend. Otter Creek Brewing company makes a lot of delicious beer. Beer that goes with breakfast food, lunch and dinner, beer that goes with sitting on a couch or on the balcony, beer that goes with watching TV or reading a book, beer that can hitch a ride when you take the garbage out, beer that you can enjoy solo or with a friend... and the best part about their fine fine beverages, they come in tons of flavors. Mmmmmm Beer My favorite of the weekend was the "Sphinx" an Egyptian-inspired multigrain ale brewed with Vermont honey and chamomile. Can't wait for the rest to roll into the bev center down the street.


Willem said...

I've had the Stovepipe Porter. It was quite good. Not as good as the Gym Sock Pale Ale we had in Maine, but a close second.

Shaggy Bob said...

Stove Pipe is one of my all-time favs