Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I just got a rejection letter in the mail, it hurt more than bad, because I've become very accustom to eating serious rejection letter in the most serious sense. I've sent just under 350 resumes in the last ten years to various companies and/or not-for-profit organizations. I've never in that 10 yrs enjoyed the opportunity to enjoy a multiple interest. I've been toying with 3 as of late and I decided that Family and loved one were the correct place to take a stand. This shot was especially painful not only because I got whacked,. because I also let a brother that put his own interests out there for me and gave me a solid reference, down. I got nothing on this end........ I suck My degrees will be smashed out of glass and used as terlet paper.

I'm also incredibly mad, mad with ?, and bitterness....


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Yesterday, while at a big box bargain outlet store I was asked if I would like to donate to make a less fortunate family's Holiday more holiday-ee, I was checking out, and thought.... Heck yeah I can do that. It'll brighten someone's day. SO I said sign me up for $5. Upon returning home I thought on a whim to check my account balance so I could plan for the lean Holiday shopping I was going to undertake for my own family and friends this week. It turns out that by budget was pretty tight, in fact, I had just over drawn my account by $4.95. OUCH. That means an overdraft fee isa comin. Unfortunately the family won't be seeing the entire $41.85 donation I'll really be making for the betterment of human kind.

A dollar and a dream is all it takes to win the NYS Lottery so they say, or I can hold onto three chances to win 145million dollars and buy a loaf of bread. I think a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at this point is worth 145 million dollars, or lack there of.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I just don't know what the real draw is. Although I'm drawn. It started as a way to sling smaller messages, similar to what I was posting here, then it turned to posting pics of me doing stuff, it progressed to creep and stalk the lil lady. I don't need that any more, she's the best if not the most bestest thing that has ever happened to me. I still check... and in most cases still rant about it. I guess it's a useful tool, I've found 371 of my closest and not so closest friends. There are a handful of people whom I update, and (chat on the phone with, as well) then there are the other bunch of mutts. <=I say that in the most loving way though. People comment/I comment... it's faceyspace. There is something in our psyche that forces us to want to know about wanting to know what someone else is eating for lunch. If it's not there for you..... you're not on faceyspace (or perhaps not actually reading this. WHoa!?!?!?!?). What's suuuuuup?

Today's Randomness is brought to you by, worn out slippers, the word plangent \PLAN-junt\ DEFINITION adjective 1 : having a loud reverberating sound 2 : having an expressive and especially plaintive quality, and the number 2.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Employed until the end of the month, no idea where after.....

I'm standing outside the Gazzettte(sp, error intended) and a Black Hoodie approaches me. I'm having a smoke, "cuz" well, shit I can. Black Hoodie walks out of his way 50yds to ask me in his best (Imma thug enforcer voice) "Yo ya gotta a smoke frrr me?" I'm on the phone with my lil lady..... I can't be bothered. [dude is six 4 and change +300] (insert small talk) I ax "you gotz 50cents?" nah,... i aint got money. why walk all the way over here out of your original path? Shaggybob="keep walkin!" then when he was 20 steps away I said "hey, come back here..... here's a smoke." Say please and thank you... it'll get you some place in life.

I've been having an incredibly weird life lately, thanks for the froth on the crazy coffee.

I like toast! with my butter completely melted.... jelly and Peanut butter optional.

My shoes.... they're wearing out. If I wear a pair I haven't shod in a bit..... my knees hurt.

I still drink like a fish, but I drink tons.... minus the quality.

I sleep all day again for the rest of the month.

I look forward to seeing Miss Erin every second of the day.

I want to cook a steak dinner but eat mad rice.

I need new pillows cuz my pillows are completely flat... I like'm that way, in a way.

I haven't figured out after 35yrs how to use a semi-colon; I suck, which makes it difficult to write correctly.

I've lost my outlet to use mad design programs without slingin 5g's for a new set up. Picture that?!

I have friends whom have had kids and I haven't met them yet.... it makes me sad.

Some times I wonder....... where I was, and where I need to be, and If I did it right, or can do it right?

I'm a solid vampire again after 4weeks. I had 5yrs of practice so I guess I'm good at it. Blah Blah......Blah HHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsssssssss (blah sun isth hurting me)


It's Willem in the morning... I should head to sleep.