Monday, June 29, 2009


I saw a few things this past weekend that put my life in perspective. Not really in a bad way, nor in a good way. Just a few observations.

Example number one. A crotch Rocket passed me on the Northway. In and of itself, this is nothing spectacular. Motorcycles go fast. My Jeep not so fast. It was the way he did it at 80-90mph pulling a wheelie. I fumbled with my camera phone to take a pic to post but got frightened that I would squash him like a bug weaving into him. The image would have been appropriate for submission to the Guinness Book of World Records under the heading "Man with Planets Hugest Testicles" Obviously he was crazy enough to do it in the first place so said submission was only a few seconds away from a Darwin Award as well. Why perspective you ask? Because I realized that I'm too old for that kind of ridiculosity, would never had done it, nor thought of attempting it.
Score one for the level headed.

Example number two. I passed an elderly guy walking with a cane. Just shuffling down the sidewalk. Strange? not at all. although he wasn't using his cane in the prescribed assistance mode, he was just walking with the cane. No jig, not skipping, just shuffling along with his stick. ( It was just a stick since he wasn't using it). It got me thinking, was this old man just testing, was he just sick of the cane, or was he just in defiance of the people that thought he needed the cane to be mobile. Shuffle away Mr. Stick... more power to you. Why perspective? I haven't the foggiest clue, but that guy.... he knew, HE KNEW!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

West Virginia

Had a great trip to West Virginia to enjoy the wedding celebration for the Lynns. The timeline is pretty sweet so I'll list it as closely as possible so you can join in the fun. The pics are somewhat embarrassing, so no soup for you.

Thursday: June 18th
9a: wake-up very early for this guy, but somethings had to get done for the trip.
10a: load up the jeep with yard games, clothes for the weekend, beer/cooler/lawnchairs.
12p:early lunch.
1p: Commute from the folks place to work(I'm still not moved into the new pad...that comes the first of July.)
3:30p: arrive at work
4p: collect a double paycheck and deposit [Jessie still works the bank, why get direct deposit when the bank is that smokin hot]
4:30p: start shift, T-minus 10hrs until Vacation.
5-2:15a: Work, while staring at the clock like a rabid dog.

Friday: June 19th.
3a: Pick up my shotgun rider and head for West Virginia red-eye.
Satellite radio is awesome...
7a: Gas up in Binghamton, snag some coffee and hit it again.
9a: Stopped at the cleanest rest stop in the world, worth the hover dump without question.
11a: West Virginia after getting lost for like 5min.
Nooner: Check-in to Cacapon State Resort. Cabin 15... had a beer, and another, cold shower, one more beer.
1p: Golf cart, 18...the beating sun, lakes in the bunkers and bunkers around the lakes. Tough course, hot sun, we finished 14 or so beers and had a hotdog apiece. I hate when gnats fly into my eye like 60 brazillion times.
4p: Contacted the rest of the monkeys and they delivered pizza on their way in.
7p: second shower, more food, yard games get broken out...raging party at cabin 15.

Saturday: June 20th. Wedding day
12a: raging party at cabin 15
4a: Finally "Sleep on couch", 3 beds - 5 people, dorm furniture never felt so comfortable.
10:30a: It's loud people are hanging out, played "Good Idea vs. Bad Idea" Wake-n-Beered myself. Yard games, more beer... leftover pizza. Monkeys head to town for extra after-reception beers.
2p: Fall asleep standing up in the shower getting pimped for the wedding.
2:05p" finish shower
4p: Damn we clean up niiiiice, headed to the bathhouse (boathouse)
430p: They're hitched, Joe stalls a vintage car on the way to the reception and we giggle... time to get beer
5p: cocktail hour...everyone is here and it promises to be insane.
6p: Dinner Mmmmm dinner buffet with beer
7p: cake smashing
7:15p: dance floor opens, damn my buddies have good lookin ladies
9p: 1 of 3 kegs down, more dancing
10p: looks like everyone hit the wall.... may as well bring the kegs back to cabin 15 for a late nighter
11p: keg 2 of 3 down, drinking games hurt

Sunday June 21:
12a: raging party at cabin 15
4a: Everyone is beat, one more beer before couch surfin again
9a: Sonofabitch=> 8guys on the roof of the cabin tearing off shingles. Who the fuck works on a Sunday morning. And when the fuck is checkout time "Oh 11am"
10a: Lament muffled West Virginia twang when heard through roof, thanks for the thunderstompin.
11a: Good-byes, hit the road.
2p: I wake up 15min from NY riding shotgun with cold coffee and Slim Jims.
2:30p: Pitstop Binghamton
3:30P: Pitstop Oneonta, Brooks BBQ, 4 sampler platters we hit the road again.
7:30p: Lake George, shotgun and satellite radio are out.
8:15p: Arrive at the folks place, I don't move into the new place until July 1st.

Monday June 22nd:
4p: Wake up
4:15p: nap time

Tuesday June 23:
Nooner: Wake up

Backflip backflip round-off back handspring.. ta-dah!

Somewhere in there I got bit by a spider on the cheek, my eye swelled up pretty good it's nice welt. Kinda has a necrotic center surrounded by puffy ouch.

Wednesday: Starts the rest of my vacation "I got Nuthin" and I love it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NO thanks

If you're going to get into a knife fight, chances are that it really wouldn't be beneficial to do it with a gorilla. How gorilla gets a knife is beyond me, but you don't want to mess with him. And on that note. Just how do you get a knife away from a gorilla?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In the mail

Apparently the lease for the new place is in the mail. Once it's signed and paid for, the townhome will be goog to go beginning in July. It's a few weeks further along than I had hoped, but is good just the same. I wasn't planning on inconcenviencing family or friends for a couch to crash in addition to a 2week timeslot but shit happens. It also means that I'll have to keep the storaage unit for another month so I can move at my leisure. There's no pool or hottub, but it does have a backyard and a garage (<=read, room for a pong table, and kegarator : possibly a studio area to throw paint in). It has lots of white walls to display the craptastic pieces I've been creating lately. 2 baths, 3 beds, a serve over island in the kitchen and a great place for a dry bar/wine rack. Extra added's dark at night (as opposed to city ambient light). The development seems nice and is within walking distance to a bunch of shops and foodie places/supermarket/coffee joint and diner. I timed the commute on my way to my folks place last night and it's only 17minutes from the old office, subtract 12minutes from that and there's a strip club.

MIDPOST EDIT: Done and done, new digs July1st 10min from Toga, 5 min from the lake, 6min from SPAC