Monday, March 31, 2008

Dressed to impress.

Wadlo rocked to the Oasis.
I missed the Hedges.
The Cantina has the best Assploding chicken Que' sa-dillahs ever when washed down with a frozen pitcher of Marguerita. Amazons tend bar there. No joke.
Backstreets is still a dump that serves free cold beer for reserved quantities of time.
Maxfields is great if you want to spend an arm and a leg for a pint beer.
Lloyd doesn't work the late night shift at Sunoco anymore I miss that guy he knows exactly where the Slim Jim's/ Mamas are.
The snow pile isn't snow, it's ice "I know that now", please refrain from launching 160lb objects off the porch into the ice.
MMmmmm Sleep. But only after I play the drums.
Check that, Chatting with the Monstu is more fun at 6am.
Bar-B-Que burgers and dogs taste good for lunch with pink juice.
Flaming appliances are much better at landing in the ice from the 2nd floor porch.
Archie did infact make a fair number of Hydrogen bombs, why do you ask?
Where did the AT&T phone booth come from?
Beers are great with florescent bowling shoes, the Wookie has his own shoes!
Ton's sports bar has a band that plays Grand Funk Railroad (Also great with beers)
Maxfields round two, pints of liquor are the same as pints of beer and much more entertaining from a slurred standpoint
Plastic tipped darts are stupid
Never Scream get the F-out N***ers when its after last call, someone may get offended and it's poor business practice
I never hit the guy
Getting shuttled out of a building like you are the president by secret service, priceless.
Mmmmm sleep, but only after I vacuum that guys head...
Breakfast foods are suprisingly good at breakfast time
BoT Meeting.
Saying Good bye.
Switch venues to Solo and Becky's, tasty food, couch fester Jackie Chan movie watching goodness.
drive home in the am.
Nap....Mmmmmm Nap.
..........And work go!

I have to work Friday as well as the rest of the week so I may be canceling the weekend, I'll keep you posted.

If you have the chance to drive through the ADKs at any point when the weather is attrocious, it's even more fun if you get to follow every logging truck hauling timber anywhere for 4plus hours.

Weekend Highlights:
Oblique Strategies deck from Vinnie and Val Bag O Donuts OMFG SAHWeeeeeeeet!
Looking good and Bowling bad
Maple Chicken wraps
Losing count 5minutes after arriving in town.

There are things I didn't get around to doing, which means I have to make a return trip:
Cook Solo & Becky a monster meal [thankyou again]
Gravy Fries
Caroline's Pancakes (three of them)
Swimming in the Raquette, camping out by the Beirut convertable float.
A Sergi's Fat bag
The Duck salad at Maxfields
a trip to Stone Valley and then Allen's Falls
Stop in at the Old Office to see how they are teaching students Gallery Practices and Collections Management without me.
Stop with Romi in the Storage Facility, turn the lights to 10candle Pwr and take a peek at the Albrecht Durer Print. c.1502
Meet Dr. D., Dr. W., Dr. McN., for a cocktail, those ladies are awesome
Buy something Wear On Earth
...I can think of more, like moving back to the great white north, and working for SLU, but they haven't made a decision yet.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Thursday: Laundry, Oasis Spic-n-Span, dinner.
Friday: to the Hedges', funtimes.
Saturday: to madstoP, Cantina, Maxfields, Mansion on the Hill
Sunday: BoT Meeting, to Parishville, chillaxin'...
Monday: lazy day drive back to the Oasis, and back here to the office. 5pm kickoff.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well, I followed thru with the game last night. A thunderous Wake the "F" up you inconsiderate bastards door slam, it resonated and echoed it's way to and thru the Ontario Province. I didn't gut laugh, but did giggle until I entered the my apartment and then immediately felt like a douche'. It's just not in me to continue on with the game. Me thinks that once was enough, but it wasn't any quieter today and maybe they didn't get the hint or maybe they were startled awake and thought that there was an earthquake of some sort rockin the building. Que se' ra (sp). I'll mouse away my life in the current digs, and play the good guy.

I noticed today that I'm also a fan of waiting for trains at crossings. Obviously only when there is a train passing, not just for the hell of it when there aren't any lights flashing. Here's why, the graffiti. I like to see the random scrawl of spray paint on the boxcar canvii. Some of it is attrocious, but I sit patiently and wait for that one prime example of urban art. If you're lucky you can catch a glimpse of something spectacular. I waited for 20minutes today as a train passed by on my way to work. It was a good train, there were multiple speeding artistic goodnesses. It kinda made my day.

When I arrived at work I was proofing a page for the Life & Arts section and a sub head read "Girls started young, will join pianist Wang on stage" (it was in reference to a Trio of classical musicians and a well know Piano prodigy but I didn't read into it at all.)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let us play a game.

I've decided that being the mouse in the apartment building, with the occasional late night foray with friends (always notified in advance) "whom tend to be responsible and not make to much noise" is just not the way to go. As you may guess being the late night guy that I am, I try to be conscious of the sound levels I create and to the best of my ability, I try not to go overboard and wake the neighbors with any loud thunderbooming events, I try to keep the peace in the wee hours of the morning so that the can enjoy a night of peaceful rest.

I'm going to play the game that the other folks are now playing and I'm going to win, and win big. Here's the game, every morning from about 6am until 5pm they see that it's a fun enterprise to not only create noise, but do it in a monumental way. It all culminates and becomes vehemently apparent when they are entering or leaving the building. The front door "perma-locked" is not the mousy-est thing on the planet, but if you choose to be kind to your neighbors it's easy enough to open and close it in a quiet manner. It doesn't take much, it doesn't take a monster effort, it doesn't take all that much commonsense. The other monkeys in the building tend to slam it to the point of rattling windows, it creates a vacuum that in turn rattles my apartment door. When my windows are open, it rattles my shutters. Thus tripling up the WTF. All day long, I've politely requested numerous times that they be on the up and up and try to refrain from playing the game as it were. I on the other hand take the time to close the door politely, and not make a racket. They know I work nights, I know that they need their sleep, it's only reasonable to think that they would be considerate in the other direction.

I've tossed in my ante and I'll play my first hand when I return home tonight/tommorrow morning. At precisely 3am people in Boston are going to wake to the sound of my apartment front door being closed with the powers of Odin and a heavy handed twist of the screws. I may even laugh out loud, not just giggle, but a full blown gut-laugh as I stomp my way to Apt#8 and slam that bastard door as well.

It may be wrong, it may not be...I'm just not feeling too considerate today. I'll continue to play the game until either they approach me and realize that they are also being a bit rude and inconsiderate or I get booted from the building by the complex owners themselves. 3am, cover your heads with your pillows there's a door slammin contest to win.

Monday, March 24, 2008

If you put your mind to it, you can

....accomplish anything. I left work early last night with the idea that I would catch up on some sleep. I set the alarm, and planted my melon firmly on my huge pillow. The alarm was set for 3pm which would have given me just over 12hrs of sleep. For all of you thinking that is just a bit much, I understand where you are coming from, for those of you that don't, you're on board with me. The sun was peaking through my sound proof, slightly less than light proof darkroom of a crypty bedroom at nooner. I had turned off the heat last night and the only place remotely comfortable was under the sheets and comforter (did they name it specifically for that reason? comforter- damn engineers and their bedding contributions). I didn't stir until 3, when my alarm went off. Believe it or not, it's the first thing that I've set my mind to that I've accomplished this year. The quitting this the quittng that the getting healthy, the working out and carrying on like a normal human being have all busted at one point or another like a bad blackjack hand. I'd say that new year resolutions were a good thing but most people don't believe in them . It just takes will power. I HAVE NONE. Ask me not to have a tasty cold beer with dinner after it's been placed in front of me, nope. I'm having a ridiculous time quiting smoking, I was great for about a month and slowly they worked their way back into my life. One here, one there, how'd that pack of smokes get in the glove compartment of my truck?

What would Brian Eno do? Im drawing a card and then we'll see which direction I take this in. HAHAHAHAHA draws card=> "You don't have to be ashamed of using your own ideas". Now that's great and all, but didn't I just check the deck for a little inspiration...thus meaning that I wanted someone else's idea to give me that helpful hint?

My idea: sleep on it and decide tommorrow which way I think I should steer my life.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Movie reviews and beverages

Planet Terror and Death Proof, get them, put the kids to bed and get ready for over the top cheese perfection complete with explosions and mayhem. I can't tell you a single portion that made them fun to watch, because they're over the top good. Although you definitely have to be in the right mood. They both nail the genre....

Having an extra day off made me realize that I really haven't a clue. It's sad when the highlights of your time off include but are not limted to spending a shiiite-ton of money at an art supply store, losing money playing poker, and waking up with empty beer cans covering you on your couch like a blanket.... and not going to sleep until 10am. Wash Rinse Repeat (x3).

It's weird to know that you've done something, but don't feel fulfilled by whatever the act is. I know I managed to cram a lot of fun into my weekend, but look back on the time with no real gusto. it happened, and I enjoyed it, but not to the extent that it needs to be detailed for the masses. I also crammed a lot of sleep in there, and didn't really feast to expectation. what are ya going to do!?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ladies and Gent....

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boy and girls, and genetic freaks of all ages......." wonders will never cease. Apparently when you work for a company that frowns on OT; yet are asked to work 4/12hrs days due to vacation coverage that wouldn't have been necessary had they not laid off 17people just under a year ago- not to mention filling a position that you were never "officially" trained nor hired to fulfill, you get extra days off. I'll be off the intarwebb grid for three days this week instead of two, and I'll follow that up with a repeat performance next week at the same time. I knew that working like a slave without a raise for two years would pay off, that sacraficing my personal life to follow the graphic design path would lead to something....., ......., ........swell!? And here it extra day off. Seeing as how I usually work a completely opposite schedule from anyone I know, whose up for hanging out tommorrow? OH'll all be working.

It's diner food tommorrow for lunch, I'm thinkin about revisiting Alice down the street for some narsty coffee and grit slingin'.

Call the cel 867-5309

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Kicker

Isn't it always the way of the possible thundercloud? I mean, the last week was nothing short of stellar here in the capital was nice enough for a warm blooded creaure like myself to turn off the heat in the apt, and venture out with a long sleeve shirt and fleece vest. (The perfect weather for being outside, not sweating, not shivering, just plain perfect in my estimation. I'm a Fall early Spring guy) Until today, snow again, wind squals blowing full nalgene bottles off the railing of the balcony. I was under the impression that I should change my routine and get out of bed at a decent time of the late morning to enjoy it. Now, I'm already back in "sleep it away mode" my berth for todays festivities was just about 3pm. Granted I'm a boring guy and really have nothing to do/accomplish on any given day. Tommorrows task, get up before noon and try not to take a nap prior to work at 5.
I'm hoping that the Z rolls this weekend, and I'm already scouting sports pubs to watch the NCAA's. Although I neither care, nor care to care about them in particular. I'm just scouting to see what all the fuss is about and hopefully land in an Imbibery that has super fans screaming at flat screens and chanting college fight songs in hopes of someone making that one errant freethrow to win a game. (the best case scenario would be seeing an underdog scoring in the last few seconds to enter the tournament only to face a no.1 or no.2 seed and thoroughly get their jocks handed to them) That's something I could enjoy watching with a bunch of strangers having a pint of two.
I also though about making a journal about my daily activities just to see how mundane my life is..I think I'll start that tommorrow and after a week or so, I'll compile and send the boredom off to the mass here as a post. Just dont be too sad when "ate a donut" is the main highlight of my day.

If the Z does roll, I'll be posting the Saturday Evening/Easter feast pic. along with the combined superpowers' recipe. It may even morph into an Iron Chef type gig agian. It usually does. Let's just hope. Monstu if you're lucky a package of dry ice and a meal may make out to the left coast. OK, probably not, but I'll call and let ya know how good it is : ).

You're doing it all wrong....

Rather than spend the day like all the other morons of like mentality I decided to be brazen enough to venture to work. I didn't have my ceremonial Guinness at noon, nor did I happen to make it anywhere over the weekend that was green and loud, to get beer spilled on or in my shoes. Saint Patrick's Day this year passed me by., Although I didn't get a chance to have a nice "someone else cooked it for me" Irish meal, I did make a potroast and some earthy veggies. I'm willing to bet that most of you had a beer after work, as the sun set, and celebrated in your own way that which is the "drinkin holiday", More power to you. I think I'm going to do the same, only my first Guinness will be when you hit your snooze button, my second, when you leave for work. And then, then just maybe I'll get some sleep while you are contemplating what to have for lunch. When you are thoroughly fed up with work, and just want that last hour to pass by, I'll be enjoying a nice bowl of Cinimmon Life, and a cup of coffee after a refreshing shower. When you head home for dinner, I'll be packing mine into tupperware for the trip to the office. Thus continuing the life of the socially incompateble work cycle, single guy, I'm going to slave until 5am so you know that there's crime and badness in the world life of mine...

"IF YOU SHOP AT HANNAFORD SUPERMARKETS AND HAVE USED A CREDIT/DEBIT CARD TO PAY LATELY ALERT YOUR BANK" They've been plundered and chances are if you even live close to the east coast your indentification was compromised. You and like 1.4 million other people myself included. I'm headed there tommorrow to check on my millions.

The jokes on them if they try to use my account numbers..... 18$ won't get you very far with gas prices these days and it sure as hell isn't going to hook you up with a flatscreen Plasma HDTV. Holy Shit!.... I hope they don't snake my $5.16 in savings. OH for the love of God. I have to get to the bank..... what ever shall I do. Sweet tap dancin christ with a jar of marmalade. Great Odin's raven! (you get the picture) "Just so you know, If I get caught trying to cross the border into Mexico illigally by the federalis... it's not me, I'd rather have a canadian brew than a mexican one, it's that damn identity theives." {they won't truly be able to steal your indentity until they can swap finger prints with you}

Which reminds me of a great quote I've posted it before, but here it is again.
"A man Who can't imagine a horse galloping on a tomato, is an Idiot"

Monday, March 17, 2008

ShaggyBob's Movie review of the Moment

I thought I'd do a different post just for a slight change.

How about a movie review.... sure don't mind if I do. This weekend I was in the mood for a dark and bloody gutwrenching scare the bile out of my stomach in either direction kinda mood. So I ventured to the movie place and purchased 30 Days of Night. Synopsis: Vampires take over Barrow Alaska for the entire month that the sun doesn't shine. Google Barrow AK, you'll be sad for them and jealous that they can be off the grid somewhat.'s the long and short of it with out ruining the movie. Poor on acting (main characters) Strong on Vamp. It's predictable, I only didn't know exactly what was going to happen in one particulr situation. I was startled, but not jump up in the air frightened. The Gore was magnificent, and I would honestly give the overall flick a 7 for rewatchability. A great match up of pseudo-cheese and fright, although I doubt they were thinking cheesy when they filmed it. Josh Hartnet(sp) couldn't act his way out of a paper bag in my opinion, but the guy who played Malcolm the head VAmpire, had some chops, I wouldn't shake his hands if his nails are any indication of personal undead hygeine. The voracity of the hungry vampires is what did it for me. And the fact that they did some screetching wasn't destructive to the movie, but it got old quick, like really quick. VAmpires wheezing isn't my cup of tea, I'd rather some nashing and chomping. (Personal preference of course, if you're into emphasemic undead they're spot on.) Oh yeah... it's Gory they did really well with the swimming pools of blood they must have sprayed on everything.

When one gets bored from death and blood letting,t and a movie night is on tap. A nice frosty beverage and "The Good, the bad, and the Ugly" takes center stage but only if you follow it with a "Fist Full of Dollars" and "A few dollars More" (Key the catchy background tune..... now; and you're transported to spaghetti, a small fronteir town where everyone is dubbed poorly and Greeeeeeengoh is a staple, along with copious amounts of mystery bar liqiuds from earthen bottles. And a gunslinger that actuially runs out of bullets and has to reload.) F-Rambo... yay Colt .45.

And just like that it's over....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

Although I've out grown my need to get obliterated in the wee hours of the morning enjoying Kegs and Eggs, or Beer and Bagels. I find myself searching every year for the perfect place to get back to my college days/roots. I've refrained from celebratory retardedness for the better part of 10years but every Patty's Day weekend the thought pops up and I kinda feel like following my liver. This coming weekend is no exception. There are block parties, bands, and over-all great places to remain standing in the freezing cold holding a beer waiting to get in a fight with some 100/200 of my closest and not-so-closest friends, strangers, and morons alike. Not since the grand old days in Potsdam have I really had the drive to attend one of these gatherings. I never enjoyed smelling like a spilled beer, especially if it was spilled on me by a stranger that I'm standing shoulder to shoulder with corraled into a roped off section of the street. One particular party here in the 'Dirt sections off a large four corner section of streets, under an train bridge, and kitty corner to a homeless shelter. (I can't see being merry slinging my money at a beer-tent if there are people that can't afford a place to live "serving the rear-guard overwatch" position of the platoon.)

We shall see.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Elliot, poor Elliot caught with his wang in one hand and a hooker on the phone...... break out the wheelbarrow for the ginormous testicles hangin between his legs. Fortunately for him, his legal council is none other than Mrs. Silda Wall. The fact that this guy feels the omnipotence to cheat on his "truly hideous" wife of 21yrs is utter ridiculocity. I'm thinking that he'll soon be checking his actions and be more of a decent proper husband/human-being when his missus takes out the old iron and removes all the creases and wrinkles from his beanbag. If Silda is looking for a new man, I know one available, and he's a pretty interesting guy. He doesn't even look like a gremlin, nor will he tell you to get off his bridge in any uncertain terms.

Just a quick passing thought......

This weekend may be shaping up to be a fun one. Ray, Dre, Z, Vinnie, Gonzo and Cruggles are most likely going to be in the area. I might have to strap on the old bullet proof vest.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Left field

Out of left field yesturday I fell off the deep end for a number of hours. I couldn't do anything but stare at a wall and fester inside. It was pretty dark, brooding and feeling all crazy. I ended up rolling around in my own mind until 9am this morning. I started a journal to scribble in when I'm not feeling that all is right in the world..., Then I hopped in bed for some worthless sleep that neither helped nor was restful. Now I sit at my desk in a stupor...not wanting to be at the office, not wanting to do much but head back to bed. This week is going to be a sleepin' week. I could use a nap, and maybe I'll just do that here on my keyboard.

I had a blast Sat when the funtruck made the trip to Toga-town to chill with DK LilMac. Great food and of course stellar company. I even got to ride a unicorn looking for monsters. If you've never done that, I suggest you try sometime it's cathartic.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Thanks for the pic Rachel...I almost forgot about fur coat. Can't belive that was almost 2months ago

Friday, March 7, 2008

Das jus less dam creepy

A whole lotta Mes

workin Fri, Sat with the DK LilMac, Sun w/GZ,Awrod, and Vinnie @ the Oasis

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How cool is this

........ H.K and the real miracle worker. 120yr old photo, good stuff

Long Road, T-minus 341

It takes time to heal, I'm on the mend!? (aesthetically anyway, I'm almost looking like a normal P.I., with exception, no fedora)... the specifics are irrelevant. If stitches itch, they are healing, they can be removed in time. I'm not riding the lighting, I'm not sitting in a pit of dispair. I'm just being me. We'll have to see where that gets me. How am I feeling? What's making me tick? I'm living in a game of Clue without Yvette the French maid.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Yer damned right!!

"I can function with 4bones in my account until I get my next paycheck..." Damn right!! And I'll do it with a mouth full of chocolate covered expresso beans, a poetry book full of blank verse, a set of fleece boxers and two socks that don't match. I did however run out of shampoo so I'm gonna work on some dreads and stinky mop for a bit. It'll scare away those pesky ladies always tearing at the crotch of my pants.

Monday, March 3, 2008


Todays Randomness

The gods are just, and of our pleasant vices
Make instruments to plague us. ~William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)

Today's Randomness is brought to you by blissful sleep, the word logy • \LOH-ghee\ • adjective: marked by sluggishness and lack of vitality : groggy, and the number 15.

I'm under the firm impression now that the easiest way to pass the time is to dream it away. It's just as easy to occupy myself with a project or two, but sleep is so much better. Hatha Yoga...and some pseudo-meditative breathing exercises, put me down for the long haul. It's completely the same as reading a book, while I wasted my time away in college... two pages into a required reading and I'd be drooling on the book itself fast asleep. This morning I fell asleep on the Dali Lama.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


The way the Monstu showed me how to cook'em.

Blackened Ahi Steaks (cooked just enough so they can't swim anymore)
Sushi rice, ginger and nori, pressed wheels
Homemade sesame toast rounds
Pickled ginger
Oolong tea
bed of baby greens

broken chopsticks...their motor is busted
~add pimpin square plate and it's not a's F-in dinner.

Looking for more recipes for this weekend, should be able to find something before Saturday I think.

Doktor Dikc

I'm meeting with the Doc tommorrow to discuss the possibility of an alternative for DeCon. Taking poison really doesn't sit well in my stomach. I'm hoping that some of the other prescribed happy pills can be taken more liberally and the sides that come with my med meal won't be getting any worse. I'm going to take a shot at an analagy?: I've been told that I need to eat to get healthy, and only by eating certain foods can that be accomplished. Although I can't order the filet mignon, I can certainly try any number of other items on the menu should one in particular not be that appetizing. Unfortunately, with the limited menu that was placed in front of me, I'm having a hard time deciding what would be best. Over the weekend, after first looking at the menu the side dishes have all turned to brussel sprouts with a limabean glace'. Some of the vitamins present in the legume portion of my diet don't react well with my body. We'll have to see what can be re-ordered or sent back to the kitchen.

On a lighter note...The influx of vitamins in my system have also had a peculiar effect. I no longer have to turn on the light should I have to whiz in the middle of the night, I just let it rip and the neon yellow wee lites everything up in an eerie glow that is pretty astounding.