Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Kicker

Isn't it always the way of the possible thundercloud? I mean, the last week was nothing short of stellar here in the capital district...it was nice enough for a warm blooded creaure like myself to turn off the heat in the apt, and venture out with a long sleeve shirt and fleece vest. (The perfect weather for being outside, not sweating, not shivering, just plain perfect in my estimation. I'm a Fall early Spring guy) Until today, snow again, wind squals blowing full nalgene bottles off the railing of the balcony. I was under the impression that I should change my routine and get out of bed at a decent time of the late morning to enjoy it. Now, I'm already back in "sleep it away mode" my berth for todays festivities was just about 3pm. Granted I'm a boring guy and really have nothing to do/accomplish on any given day. Tommorrows task, get up before noon and try not to take a nap prior to work at 5.
I'm hoping that the Z rolls this weekend, and I'm already scouting sports pubs to watch the NCAA's. Although I neither care, nor care to care about them in particular. I'm just scouting to see what all the fuss is about and hopefully land in an Imbibery that has super fans screaming at flat screens and chanting college fight songs in hopes of someone making that one errant freethrow to win a game. (the best case scenario would be seeing an underdog scoring in the last few seconds to enter the tournament only to face a no.1 or no.2 seed and thoroughly get their jocks handed to them) That's something I could enjoy watching with a bunch of strangers having a pint of two.
I also though about making a journal about my daily activities just to see how mundane my life is..I think I'll start that tommorrow and after a week or so, I'll compile and send the boredom off to the mass here as a post. Just dont be too sad when "ate a donut" is the main highlight of my day.

If the Z does roll, I'll be posting the Saturday Evening/Easter feast pic. along with the combined superpowers' recipe. It may even morph into an Iron Chef type gig agian. It usually does. Let's just hope. Monstu if you're lucky a package of dry ice and a meal may make out to the left coast. OK, probably not, but I'll call and let ya know how good it is : ).

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