Sunday, March 2, 2008

Doktor Dikc

I'm meeting with the Doc tommorrow to discuss the possibility of an alternative for DeCon. Taking poison really doesn't sit well in my stomach. I'm hoping that some of the other prescribed happy pills can be taken more liberally and the sides that come with my med meal won't be getting any worse. I'm going to take a shot at an analagy?: I've been told that I need to eat to get healthy, and only by eating certain foods can that be accomplished. Although I can't order the filet mignon, I can certainly try any number of other items on the menu should one in particular not be that appetizing. Unfortunately, with the limited menu that was placed in front of me, I'm having a hard time deciding what would be best. Over the weekend, after first looking at the menu the side dishes have all turned to brussel sprouts with a limabean glace'. Some of the vitamins present in the legume portion of my diet don't react well with my body. We'll have to see what can be re-ordered or sent back to the kitchen.

On a lighter note...The influx of vitamins in my system have also had a peculiar effect. I no longer have to turn on the light should I have to whiz in the middle of the night, I just let it rip and the neon yellow wee lites everything up in an eerie glow that is pretty astounding.


Timmy Z said...

Yo, Shaggy... Warfarin ain't nearly as bad as rat killer. And it ain't cause its poisonous. Read this, it should soothe some of those fears.

Timmy Z said...

oops, here's the url I meant to put in there:

Shaggy Bob said...

I've looked over the info, exhaustively for the last week. I'm not too sure about it just the same.