Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Let us play a game.

I've decided that being the mouse in the apartment building, with the occasional late night foray with friends (always notified in advance) "whom tend to be responsible and not make to much noise" is just not the way to go. As you may guess being the late night guy that I am, I try to be conscious of the sound levels I create and to the best of my ability, I try not to go overboard and wake the neighbors with any loud thunderbooming events, I try to keep the peace in the wee hours of the morning so that the can enjoy a night of peaceful rest.

I'm going to play the game that the other folks are now playing and I'm going to win, and win big. Here's the game, every morning from about 6am until 5pm they see that it's a fun enterprise to not only create noise, but do it in a monumental way. It all culminates and becomes vehemently apparent when they are entering or leaving the building. The front door "perma-locked" is not the mousy-est thing on the planet, but if you choose to be kind to your neighbors it's easy enough to open and close it in a quiet manner. It doesn't take much, it doesn't take a monster effort, it doesn't take all that much commonsense. The other monkeys in the building tend to slam it to the point of rattling windows, it creates a vacuum that in turn rattles my apartment door. When my windows are open, it rattles my shutters. Thus tripling up the WTF. All day long, I've politely requested numerous times that they be on the up and up and try to refrain from playing the game as it were. I on the other hand take the time to close the door politely, and not make a racket. They know I work nights, I know that they need their sleep, it's only reasonable to think that they would be considerate in the other direction.

I've tossed in my ante and I'll play my first hand when I return home tonight/tommorrow morning. At precisely 3am people in Boston are going to wake to the sound of my apartment front door being closed with the powers of Odin and a heavy handed twist of the screws. I may even laugh out loud, not just giggle, but a full blown gut-laugh as I stomp my way to Apt#8 and slam that bastard door as well.

It may be wrong, it may not be...I'm just not feeling too considerate today. I'll continue to play the game until either they approach me and realize that they are also being a bit rude and inconsiderate or I get booted from the building by the complex owners themselves. 3am, cover your heads with your pillows there's a door slammin contest to win.


Kate said...

Awesome. I wholeheartedly endorse your game, mostly because I am hard of hearing and can sleep through anything. Except a baby crying.

Kristi said...

How'd it go?

Bill said...

I support you Bob and your door slamming plan.