Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well, I followed thru with the game last night. A thunderous Wake the "F" up you inconsiderate bastards door slam, it resonated and echoed it's way to and thru the Ontario Province. I didn't gut laugh, but did giggle until I entered the my apartment and then immediately felt like a douche'. It's just not in me to continue on with the game. Me thinks that once was enough, but it wasn't any quieter today and maybe they didn't get the hint or maybe they were startled awake and thought that there was an earthquake of some sort rockin the building. Que se' ra (sp). I'll mouse away my life in the current digs, and play the good guy.

I noticed today that I'm also a fan of waiting for trains at crossings. Obviously only when there is a train passing, not just for the hell of it when there aren't any lights flashing. Here's why, the graffiti. I like to see the random scrawl of spray paint on the boxcar canvii. Some of it is attrocious, but I sit patiently and wait for that one prime example of urban art. If you're lucky you can catch a glimpse of something spectacular. I waited for 20minutes today as a train passed by on my way to work. It was a good train, there were multiple speeding artistic goodnesses. It kinda made my day.

When I arrived at work I was proofing a page for the Life & Arts section and a sub head read "Girls started young, will join pianist Wang on stage" (it was in reference to a Trio of classical musicians and a well know Piano prodigy but I didn't read into it at all.)

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Nili said...

Glad to hear the game is over. It didn't sound like you but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to guilt trip you into not exploring your dark side options. I feel better.