Monday, March 31, 2008

Dressed to impress.

Wadlo rocked to the Oasis.
I missed the Hedges.
The Cantina has the best Assploding chicken Que' sa-dillahs ever when washed down with a frozen pitcher of Marguerita. Amazons tend bar there. No joke.
Backstreets is still a dump that serves free cold beer for reserved quantities of time.
Maxfields is great if you want to spend an arm and a leg for a pint beer.
Lloyd doesn't work the late night shift at Sunoco anymore I miss that guy he knows exactly where the Slim Jim's/ Mamas are.
The snow pile isn't snow, it's ice "I know that now", please refrain from launching 160lb objects off the porch into the ice.
MMmmmm Sleep. But only after I play the drums.
Check that, Chatting with the Monstu is more fun at 6am.
Bar-B-Que burgers and dogs taste good for lunch with pink juice.
Flaming appliances are much better at landing in the ice from the 2nd floor porch.
Archie did infact make a fair number of Hydrogen bombs, why do you ask?
Where did the AT&T phone booth come from?
Beers are great with florescent bowling shoes, the Wookie has his own shoes!
Ton's sports bar has a band that plays Grand Funk Railroad (Also great with beers)
Maxfields round two, pints of liquor are the same as pints of beer and much more entertaining from a slurred standpoint
Plastic tipped darts are stupid
Never Scream get the F-out N***ers when its after last call, someone may get offended and it's poor business practice
I never hit the guy
Getting shuttled out of a building like you are the president by secret service, priceless.
Mmmmm sleep, but only after I vacuum that guys head...
Breakfast foods are suprisingly good at breakfast time
BoT Meeting.
Saying Good bye.
Switch venues to Solo and Becky's, tasty food, couch fester Jackie Chan movie watching goodness.
drive home in the am.
Nap....Mmmmmm Nap.
..........And work go!

I have to work Friday as well as the rest of the week so I may be canceling the weekend, I'll keep you posted.

If you have the chance to drive through the ADKs at any point when the weather is attrocious, it's even more fun if you get to follow every logging truck hauling timber anywhere for 4plus hours.

Weekend Highlights:
Oblique Strategies deck from Vinnie and Val Bag O Donuts OMFG SAHWeeeeeeeet!
Looking good and Bowling bad
Maple Chicken wraps
Losing count 5minutes after arriving in town.

There are things I didn't get around to doing, which means I have to make a return trip:
Cook Solo & Becky a monster meal [thankyou again]
Gravy Fries
Caroline's Pancakes (three of them)
Swimming in the Raquette, camping out by the Beirut convertable float.
A Sergi's Fat bag
The Duck salad at Maxfields
a trip to Stone Valley and then Allen's Falls
Stop in at the Old Office to see how they are teaching students Gallery Practices and Collections Management without me.
Stop with Romi in the Storage Facility, turn the lights to 10candle Pwr and take a peek at the Albrecht Durer Print. c.1502
Meet Dr. D., Dr. W., Dr. McN., for a cocktail, those ladies are awesome
Buy something Wear On Earth
...I can think of more, like moving back to the great white north, and working for SLU, but they haven't made a decision yet.

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-RwB said...

thats the shit i'm talkin' about... good times man... i love the synopsis... madstop madstuff