Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Elliot, poor Elliot caught with his wang in one hand and a hooker on the phone...... break out the wheelbarrow for the ginormous testicles hangin between his legs. Fortunately for him, his legal council is none other than Mrs. Silda Wall. The fact that this guy feels the omnipotence to cheat on his "truly hideous" wife of 21yrs is utter ridiculocity. I'm thinking that he'll soon be checking his actions and be more of a decent proper husband/human-being when his missus takes out the old iron and removes all the creases and wrinkles from his beanbag. If Silda is looking for a new man, I know one available, and he's a pretty interesting guy. He doesn't even look like a gremlin, nor will he tell you to get off his bridge in any uncertain terms.

Just a quick passing thought......

This weekend may be shaping up to be a fun one. Ray, Dre, Z, Vinnie, Gonzo and Cruggles are most likely going to be in the area. I might have to strap on the old bullet proof vest.

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moe.L said...

$80,000 worth of bj's, and poontang? mannnnnn...thats a lot!