Wednesday, March 12, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

Although I've out grown my need to get obliterated in the wee hours of the morning enjoying Kegs and Eggs, or Beer and Bagels. I find myself searching every year for the perfect place to get back to my college days/roots. I've refrained from celebratory retardedness for the better part of 10years but every Patty's Day weekend the thought pops up and I kinda feel like following my liver. This coming weekend is no exception. There are block parties, bands, and over-all great places to remain standing in the freezing cold holding a beer waiting to get in a fight with some 100/200 of my closest and not-so-closest friends, strangers, and morons alike. Not since the grand old days in Potsdam have I really had the drive to attend one of these gatherings. I never enjoyed smelling like a spilled beer, especially if it was spilled on me by a stranger that I'm standing shoulder to shoulder with corraled into a roped off section of the street. One particular party here in the 'Dirt sections off a large four corner section of streets, under an train bridge, and kitty corner to a homeless shelter. (I can't see being merry slinging my money at a beer-tent if there are people that can't afford a place to live "serving the rear-guard overwatch" position of the platoon.)

We shall see.

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