Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ladies and Gent....

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boy and girls, and genetic freaks of all ages......." wonders will never cease. Apparently when you work for a company that frowns on OT; yet are asked to work 4/12hrs days due to vacation coverage that wouldn't have been necessary had they not laid off 17people just under a year ago- not to mention filling a position that you were never "officially" trained nor hired to fulfill, you get extra days off. I'll be off the intarwebb grid for three days this week instead of two, and I'll follow that up with a repeat performance next week at the same time. I knew that working like a slave without a raise for two years would pay off, that sacraficing my personal life to follow the graphic design path would lead to something....., ......., ........swell!? And here it extra day off. Seeing as how I usually work a completely opposite schedule from anyone I know, whose up for hanging out tommorrow? OH'll all be working.

It's diner food tommorrow for lunch, I'm thinkin about revisiting Alice down the street for some narsty coffee and grit slingin'.

Call the cel 867-5309


Anonymous said...

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Timmy Z said...

Shaggy- come visit. :-) I'm working like a dog out here, and would love to do a cooking show saturday. You still in the no fly zone?