Sunday, March 23, 2008

Movie reviews and beverages

Planet Terror and Death Proof, get them, put the kids to bed and get ready for over the top cheese perfection complete with explosions and mayhem. I can't tell you a single portion that made them fun to watch, because they're over the top good. Although you definitely have to be in the right mood. They both nail the genre....

Having an extra day off made me realize that I really haven't a clue. It's sad when the highlights of your time off include but are not limted to spending a shiiite-ton of money at an art supply store, losing money playing poker, and waking up with empty beer cans covering you on your couch like a blanket.... and not going to sleep until 10am. Wash Rinse Repeat (x3).

It's weird to know that you've done something, but don't feel fulfilled by whatever the act is. I know I managed to cram a lot of fun into my weekend, but look back on the time with no real gusto. it happened, and I enjoyed it, but not to the extent that it needs to be detailed for the masses. I also crammed a lot of sleep in there, and didn't really feast to expectation. what are ya going to do!?

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