Thursday, February 28, 2008

Strange Brew

I was just chatting with Miss Rachel and she brought up something that I had totally spaced with regard to "the cocktail". it was an eye opener, and a bit distressing but not so much so that I'll be flushing the meds.

I'm basically taking Rat Poison to work my way to a healthier and happier me. Warfarin is the main ingredient in vermin killer. And as far as ingesting it, as long as it's not mixed with ground glass and peanut butter or cheese...I'm going to keep on pounding it down until Doctor Dik says I can take a break. Mind you I'd rather be getting my regular poison intake in depressant form in a bottle or 20 of suds.

Off until Sunday...lets see how the sober stiffs live on the weekend.

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Kate said...

My dad was on warfarin (Coumadin) for several years, a ways back - he probably should still be, but I don't keep track - and the biggest side effect *I* noticed was that he had intense, vivid (often scary) dreams. I always wondered how much of that was from the drug and how much from life stress eating away at his brain, but whatever. It's not really spiders and someone isn't really looking in your 2nd-floor bedroom window, mmmmkay?

I was chatting with my mother last night (apparently we don't have "normal" mother-daughter talks) and she said that the side effect she noticed most was an inability to do that which you are most specifically not supposed to do at the moment. So there is that. Yippee.