Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super weekend

I realized that having an extra day off during the week makes for nothing but lethargy, and boredom. I used my Thursday last week to take care of all the miscellaneous things that I needed to do.(i.e. I cashed a paycheck & wrote a rent check) 24hrs off and that's all I had to accomplish. Sometimes I wonder why I'm not in training to be a smoke jumper, the excitement in my life is just too overpowering for the likes of mankind.
J & B visited friday evening and we got our powerhouse Rockstar drink on. So there was a bit more merriness at that point.

Me thinks the Funtruck had best get it's ass in gear and plan a roadtrip before Mr. Bigley decides to come up stairs with a hammer and chainsaw. 3 days of late night Bobism probley makes him something something.

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