Sunday, February 10, 2008

Not weeping.....

And the weekend commensed with a trip to the local meat store. Avon Meatland. Yup it's named "Meatland". The furry wasn't really appetizing when I was there (ok, naked critter) so I moved toward foul. A Turkey bird to be exact, well, a portion of a turkey bird. I dig the turkey, but being a single mutt like myself I don't have the benefit of the rest of the pack of wolves to consume 25lbs of bird at one sitting. BAked breast started at nooner, followed closely with a nice dram of scotch to heat up the inside while waiting for the turkey. A few more...and the bird still wasn't finished so I topped off with some tasty brew that Jenn and Brett left last weekend. Managed to hit up the beer store for some of Americas finest swill in a 36can pack. The closest I can could get to my fav beer "free in a can and in my hand". Mmmm Miller Lite. 5pm the bird was done so I grabbed my best kniff. A Wustof 7" santuku that should make any would be chef out there giddy . It's balanced, heavy, and I haven't yet been able to fillet a finger better with anyother knife. While i was out earlier in the day I had an epiphany that revolved more or less around a panini type egg dipped pub grub type sandwich. Mr. Fisher was en route so I sliced, pulled, and shredded Mr. Gobbles' breast, sliced the dark onion rye, shaved the Jarlsburg, mixed the apple cranberry chutney... and shredded the bacon. Piled everything high (planning on making it impossibly to finished the sandwich when you got to the last bite...the "I'm going to be sick last sandwich bite" =>you all know you've been there) Bathe in scrambled and pan toast the suckers. The smoke alarm went off as Mr. Fisher and I were finishing our second pre meal bevvies. It always happens when there is no direct ventilation fan, I care not. A quick hop and Karch Kiraly takes the beeping smoke bastard hardwired into the electrical right off the ceiling, done and done.

After a decent meal Fishaaaah had to head out to the Union hockey game. My evening plans had me heading to the Schenecta'dirt Curling Club to spread some support for Gonzo and his team. 2.25 a pint? I think I'll have a few. Nothing beats an inperson viewing of Curling when you've been prone to stop whatever you're doing and or skip a final exam in College when Curling makes it onto the tube. It was a blast. After a few hours of Curl goodness I ventured back to the Oasis and had the ambition to do some late night painting. I no doubt pissed my downstairs neighbor off. Throwing paint when half in the bag involves a lot of jumping around and getting mars black and other assorted "no way no how is this coming out of the rug" colors around. I ended up with afew decent compositions.

Saturday I was fully feeling the effects of a night of drankin gone overboard. It's something that you have to live with when you punish your liver and if you feel sorry for yourself you're an idiot. You could have planned ahead and slowed down the evening previous and not put yourself in the Situation in the first place. I embrace the big stick that the hangover gods weild with ruthlessness. I finished the bird for the most part and sat down to viddy some movies, and chose the BBC Planet Earth series. About 10minutes into the Caves portion just when they were elaborting on a ginormous pile of guano 100meters high and showing cockroaches and giant centipedes another one of hairy's relatives motored across my living room floor. It's the first time at the new place that I've seen a House Centipede and he was a rather large fellow. Not 11inches long like is homeboy in the video but large enough to startle me.
...........The hunt was on! The foe was smart, infact too smart. After throwing anything in my reach at him, he jetted for the only place in the Apt that I wouldn't flip over, turn upside down or knock over to kill the lil bastard. (your guess?) yup...he ran directly under the fridge that holds the beer with the extensively stocked bar resting on top. Round one to Centipede. Or was it. I removed some of the clutter from around the fridge with care and stealth and saw my enemy resting half under and half exposed by the outer perimeter of the bottom of Mr. Frosty. Swift action, ninja-esque chop Round two for the big guy; missing legs for the bad guy.... running in circles>??? yup ( but then he was gone for the evening and hours of vigilence didn't give me another siting.

I slept in Sunday as is myself a few extra hours of shut eye to charge for the long night at the office. I made left overs for dinner and shot pics of the paintings I worked on the previous couple of evenings. I had just sat on the couch to give myself a few minutes of peace and quiet before heading to work and wouldn't you know it. That exoskeleton wearing, 2/3rd of his legs missing on the left hand side of his body sportin, lil shit was dipping his antennae into the cadmium red of the triptych I had finished Friday evening. Not in a drying rack, not on the floor, 2ft away resting comfortably on my Coffee Table. He should have spontaneously combusted via the gaze I shot his way. Infuriated by his brash "in your face" display I didn't even bother getting something to smash him with. I felt the crunch of his body armour as I smeared his carcass in a wide band of whatever it is that makes their systems work on the inside. It's totally possible to make a 2 1/2inch little bug much larger when you flatten them out. 2 1/2in to just under a foot, in the time it takes to laugh outloud and swing your mighty bug quashing mitt at them. Not so fast now are you Mr. Spindly long ass legs?

I can't even fathom the fun I had this weekend without getting a small yet satifying grin on my face.

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