Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cereal Killer

I tried to work my way around the cereal aisle today at the supermarket. I figure eat healthy for breakfast..actually imbibe some dairy products... make the new diet thing more beneficial. I haven't really been super interested in cereal for a number of years, and I definitely don't remember the concept of the cereal foods aisle. I usually just meander through that corridor in a different dimension, a pure out of body experience concentrating on frozen veggies or something. I couldn't fathom the idea that cereal could encompass two full store length shelving units 5 tiers high. It took me two hours to decide on Honey-Nut Cheerios. I must have walked back and forth upwards of 20 times.

I'm notorious for my indecision when faced with choices on a restaurant menu (when I go on dates, I find the menu online and try to make my decision before I even get there) I can't decide what to buy at a supermarket even with a list of necesssary items. I can't get out of a cereal aisle in less than a couple of hours. As I was exiting the new supermarket bain of my existance, my hand reached out on it's own and snagged a box of Cinnamon Life. Did I want that instead of the Cheerios..and subconsciously just grabbed it? Why couldn't I have painted it as a target to begin with and then swooped in for the kill saving hours of frustration?

The cereal will be sitting unopened on my counter for no less than 3months now that I actually have it. why did I want it again to begin with?

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Kate said...

We could trade skills. I can't stretch out a grocery trip nearly long enough - too much in the habit of racing through at top speeds to get what is needed before a child, husband or random stranger pisses me off.

It doesn't always work, mind you, but I always try.