Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two nights

Two nights of running the show for the Gaz are on tap. As much as I love the pay, and the overabundance of extra responsibility. The pay hasn't changed, and the overabundance creates a short-fusedness in my normally laid back persona. ShaggyBob don't wanta hafta smacka beatch.

New Pet peeve: A graphic designer is given a sleeve of advertising materials with a little note that says "be creative" complete with three exclamation points. Graphic designer then gets creative and designs an Ad for the customer that looks far superior to the crap-o-la that is usually displayed in the local rag. No less than three revisions later it resembles the crap-o-la again. Nothing special, nothing eye catching, nothing that jumps up and grabs your attention. If three exclamation points of creative equals bust your ass and then I'll re-design the layout to specifics that are required by the client and or the Sales Representative's keen eye for all that is marketable... then it's not so damn creative is it. Don't waste my time and energy to put the smackdown on principles of aesthetics and design when you can just as easily scratch a layout in purple crayon and have me color within the lines. Time is money...and it's not my money, I'm just a Design lemming on the gravytrain of deadend job.

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