Monday, June 29, 2009


I saw a few things this past weekend that put my life in perspective. Not really in a bad way, nor in a good way. Just a few observations.

Example number one. A crotch Rocket passed me on the Northway. In and of itself, this is nothing spectacular. Motorcycles go fast. My Jeep not so fast. It was the way he did it at 80-90mph pulling a wheelie. I fumbled with my camera phone to take a pic to post but got frightened that I would squash him like a bug weaving into him. The image would have been appropriate for submission to the Guinness Book of World Records under the heading "Man with Planets Hugest Testicles" Obviously he was crazy enough to do it in the first place so said submission was only a few seconds away from a Darwin Award as well. Why perspective you ask? Because I realized that I'm too old for that kind of ridiculosity, would never had done it, nor thought of attempting it.
Score one for the level headed.

Example number two. I passed an elderly guy walking with a cane. Just shuffling down the sidewalk. Strange? not at all. although he wasn't using his cane in the prescribed assistance mode, he was just walking with the cane. No jig, not skipping, just shuffling along with his stick. ( It was just a stick since he wasn't using it). It got me thinking, was this old man just testing, was he just sick of the cane, or was he just in defiance of the people that thought he needed the cane to be mobile. Shuffle away Mr. Stick... more power to you. Why perspective? I haven't the foggiest clue, but that guy.... he knew, HE KNEW!

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