Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In the mail

Apparently the lease for the new place is in the mail. Once it's signed and paid for, the townhome will be goog to go beginning in July. It's a few weeks further along than I had hoped, but is good just the same. I wasn't planning on inconcenviencing family or friends for a couch to crash in addition to a 2week timeslot but shit happens. It also means that I'll have to keep the storaage unit for another month so I can move at my leisure. There's no pool or hottub, but it does have a backyard and a garage (<=read, room for a pong table, and kegarator : possibly a studio area to throw paint in). It has lots of white walls to display the craptastic pieces I've been creating lately. 2 baths, 3 beds, a serve over island in the kitchen and a great place for a dry bar/wine rack. Extra added's dark at night (as opposed to city ambient light). The development seems nice and is within walking distance to a bunch of shops and foodie places/supermarket/coffee joint and diner. I timed the commute on my way to my folks place last night and it's only 17minutes from the old office, subtract 12minutes from that and there's a strip club.

MIDPOST EDIT: Done and done, new digs July1st 10min from Toga, 5 min from the lake, 6min from SPAC

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Jenn said...

Yay new place!! Sounds like a good find, can't wait to see it. :)