Thursday, May 28, 2009

New place

Found the new place, a definite life upgrade.... It all depends on the current tenants, the lease signing and the eventual move. I had planned to try to move into the new place by the 15th of June, but it may get pushed back until July first. no harm no foul it'll give me a couple extra weeks of saving to make the place more spectacular eventually. I can always rent the storage unit for an additional month to make the trasition as smooth as the exedus from the Oasis.

When I've moved in the past with less stuff I'd always waited til the last minute, this round of moving I started well inadvance, a month in advance and barring all the furniture that I couldn't physically fit in the jeep I was technically out a week ago minus the cleaning and steaming. The Oasis will be a thing of the past at 3pm tomorrow. It's my hope that I'll finally learn how to lay down drop cloths properly at the new place. The garage is big enough to accomodate a studio area so it shouldn't a real problem. It is possible to get oil and acrylic paint out of rugs, carpets, ceiling fixtures, door jams, and off walls, windows, and appliances it just takes a bit of elbow grease some heavy chemicals and a bunch of wire brushes. I AM MR. CLEAN's raging bicep.

The new place checklist:
Pong Table
Dry Bar set up
Barbeque grill with extra added badassedness
herb garden
lawn mower
snow shovel

Unfotuntately the new digs aren't set in stone yet, there's a what if factor and all the little things that could possibly go south. Hopefuly everything will iron itself out in the upcoming week.

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