Sunday, May 10, 2009


It sucks to move, it's a pain in the ass. I know...I've moved quite a bit in the last 6yrs. Not all encompassing life changes, rather short "get out of the ghetto" type transfers of my stuff... followed by "hey look the crime scene van" moves, and the ever popular "was that a SWAT team incursion" time to check out different diggs a bit further from the heart of the 'Dirt. I'm looking still for a new place to live and have until the end of the month to get all my junk in a storage unit. It's a 10x15ft self-storage corregated cookie cutter aluminum space, I'm just over half moved right now, and it's sad. Very sad actually, I'm not even going to be able to fill the space ~the floor space~ not counting the 12ft ceiling. To tell you the truth, I could probably fit my Jeep in the unit with all my stuff and still not have to climb over stuff to get around it. I'm planning on donating some clothing and a couple of pieces of furniture to the Army so they can Salvage what ever uses they can from them.... al ittle contribution to those less fortunate.

I have appointments set throughout the week to visit various rental houses, and a contractors special lease to own home. I'm thinking if the place is insulated for arctic survivaL it would be perfect."Radiated floor heating?! Pffft whatever. I can't see how I could possibly take my 10x15 ft worth of shit and fill a 5br, 4 1/2 bath home, with full finished basement, 3 car garage, inground pool, and a dock on the Mohawk River, but the price is right and hell I bet I could give it a try. The other places are smaller and more quaint. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able switch my permanent addy with the bank and move my stuff for a June 1st berth in new diggs.

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