Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm looking at a few houses this weekend, and hopefully the process will be fulfilling. Three places within a 30min commute isn't half bad and if we are all on board the moving should be a snap once the final decision is made. A Lake apartment, a Townhouse, and a Cottage are the three players. One is with in stumbling distance to a pub ( Bayou Cafe, never been but I'm assuming it'll grow on me), one is within stumbling distance of lake rights (canyou canoe?), and one is within a short drive of Toga/ Toga Lake/and Northway for easy travel. I'm seriously leaning toward the townhouse, but it'll warrant a first person inspection. (9am isn't my favorite time of the day, but since I have appointment scheduled I'm sure I can roll out of the rack and be somewhat personable.) That will be followed by the Lake property; It's never good when a property manager says they've just renovated the inside and the the outside is the next big project. [It makes me thing the place is a healthy dose of shithole, but the money's right]. Third is the pub crawl place. I did a fly by and saw a contractor busy making reparations for the pasts lack of simpathy.

Packing up my life is easier than anticipated but still a pain in the ass. As of now I only have the 4 peices of furniture that don't fit in my Jeep, clothing and my kitchen to go. The kitchen is tomorrow's project, with paper plates and red plastic party cups ready to step up and take one for the home team.

I am definitely not looking forward to cleaning the place proper. It's not that I'm a slob by anymeans, but I been a bit creative and painted a few pieces since I've been there. I could have tarped the entire interior of my place and set out quadruple drop cloths and paint still would have made its way into the carpets. If the new tenant are into Jackson Pollock no harm no foul, if not I'm going to eat some serious cost with replacement.

Then there's the side of me that usually rears its ugly head in such situations "ah Fuck It!" me thinks,

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