Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You're not in the dugout

It is not your team, you are not on the payroll, you are not in the line-up, you are not batting clean-up with the bases loaded, you do not warm-up on the field.

SO, should I be wearing a different baseball cap than the particular team that you follow "fanboy" it doesn't give you the right to interrupt my meal to tell me that something was happening in a game I had no compunction to watch. It doesn't give you the right to expectorate over my food and use up my oxygen. ok, ok I'll make it simple. "YOU BOUGHT A FREAKING HAT" shut yer trap and let me enjoy my burger.

By social observation alone I can honestly say that Red Sox and Yankees "fans" are ridiculous. I would alternate hats everyday just to keep track of the stupid, if I were to buy into the advertising machine. "SO, how'd we do in the daygame today, it's gonna be a rough double header".... ah, no Bite me.

And to the guy at WallyWorld, I was buying socks, and bathroom cleaner... not screaming from the bleechers when you imagined yourself hitting a home run in the world series. F-U and your silly hat. "GO SCRUBBING BUBBLES!!!!!" Chiach


Bill said...

In my book, professional sports is almost as bad as organized religion.

Neither provide much to the overall good of humanity, and cause more trouble then they are worth.

Shaggy Bob said...

Welcome to Team Scrubbing Bubbles Mr. Bill.