Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The last two weeks have flown by and not much has changed with the life of our hero Shagz Von StillMovinShiite. The Digs are coming along and sooner rather than later I would like to have all the extra stuff sorted and distributed to various thrift stores and charities. I've come to the realization that I'll not be needing all those ties and dress pants anytime in the near future. I actually found clothing that has never been worn, and will be getting rid of that as well in favor of the clothing I've broken in over than last 8 or so years. At least until those articles fall apart.

The grill is my next big investment for the new place. I found a great deal and would like to see if I can swing the extra burners or if I just go with a standard gas grill. Something tells me that at least one burner is mandatory.

I also get to look forward to a weekend in ME with Z,Pinto and Willby. We're headed back to Sunday River to swing the sticks chasing the small ball. I'm hoping the DEET keeps the ticks off as I know that I'll be spending a fair amount of time in the jungle. It happens, and I'm not going to pay for lessons to correct my problems when a lesson costs the same as a round of golf itself. I'll work it all out on my own or play to my disadvantages. At least Mr. Shanky hasn't come out to play yet this year. (It may this time around, I gotta let the big dog eat once in awhile).


Willem said...


Willem said...

We need a damage report for public record.

Timmy Z said...

It was good stuff... That course and the trip is awesome!

Shaggy Bob said...

It'll take a few days to gather my thoughts and try to dig up the memories from when I was invisible.