Thursday, December 10, 2009

Set a man on fire

It's been some time so here's a little update. Not so long ago I tacoed my garage door in an attempt to move my Jeep for the purpose of yardwork.(retarded) I immediately called and purchased a replacement to be delivered and installed post haste. The ordeal that followed was by far one of the most assinine in my life. If you know me: that statement says alot. I DO NOT recommend any goods or services from the Home Depot from this point forth for the rest of my life.... not even in an emergency (like, say for instance, a busted garage door with winter looming.) I dealt with 4 different associates, a manager, a vendor, and a different install company. The 4 associates were confused, the manager clueless, the vendor apologetic, and the install company guy "the bomb" he's gonna be awesome.

Step 1 crush door Nov.5th
Step 2 order replacement Nov. 5th
Step 3 wait 2weeks for confirmation
Step 4 wait for site inspection
Step 5 get told the door won't be available until Jan 7th
Step 6 get offered a cheaper door on sale, with promotional discount available on Dec 7th
Step 7 get call from asshat, make that Dec 14th
Step 8 talk to manager, make that December 14th "sorry dude"<=the managers words
Step 9 new call make that Feb. 1st (curiously 1month after the original door order WTF me thinks)
Step 10 flip and go batshit crazy
Step 11 order the M2-2 WWII backpack mounted Flamethrower
Step 12 call to check on order, Feb 5th(seriously? +4days on top of 1 month?)
Step 13 Check online order status (January 11th, still 10days after original order.)
Step 14 call manager ask WTF politely, wait for coherant reply... nope!?
Step 15 inform the Depot their indoor lumber yard has Smores written all over it
Step 16 wait 20hrs
Step 17 Receive call from Installer "we're putting in your door tomorrow. at noon".

Total elapsed time 2 months.
Teach a man to make fire....yadda yadda, threaten his and 150 employee lives in addition to millions in merchandise with conflagration. Satisfactiory business transaction.

The laws of commerce seen through my eyes, a retailer sells goods and services, I pay for goods and services, when goods and services are in limbo after deductions from my account, flamethrowers get involved . Goods and services magically appear


Bill said...

So then the moral of this story is that all things can be solved with a backpack mounted flame thrower?

Shaggy Bob said...


David said...

If I was the man I was 5 years ago I'd take a FLAMETHROWER to this place!

It works for Al Pacino.

-RwB said...

Home Depot botched the delivery and install of the dryer in my home in Cambridge... 3.5 weeks my tenants went without a dryer. Yeah... they loved that.