Monday, January 12, 2009

Layoffs, part three.

Looks like the Company is going to let another round of people go. So says the little bird and the rumor mill.

I'll once again offer my services; in light of the impending storm, as a handyman, poolboy, chef and or all around butler for anyone who may think that free room and board plus a moderate salary [only to cover bills and insurance, the occasional 6pack, and movie addiction] may be worth it. I'm mobile, have attention to detail, and would be willing to do just about anything short of sticking my arm into clogged septic pipes. I'm kid friendly and don't mind pets, I cook, I clean, and I don't make too much of a mess.

Please keep in mind that I tend to be good natured and love having a good time if this fits for you and or anyone you may be able to pawn me off on I would greatly appreciate it.

Respectfully Shagz VonHandyman


Jenn said...

You can come live with us anytime!

Timmy Z said...

Anytime, Shaggy. I don't even need notice :-) Just show up at 6 am. lol

Anonymous said...

Can't help yet with either housing (well, OK, not true, L and her kids moved out today... but I really want to start using that room for packing boxes) or a job... but when we open our B&B, we're going to be commissioning friends/acquaintances/sisters to provide us with original artwork. Just so's you know. And of course, that requires at least two weekends of visits: one to get the vibe of the place, and another to deliver the goods.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah - and when we move, you'll have to come out anyway. There's a Museum of Horror Cinema, or something similarly named, in Salem, MA - 10 minutes from where we're planning to live. Across the street from Beerworks. We thought of you today when we drove by.