Thursday, February 18, 2010


{totally going to order the Surf and Turf }

I don't eat at MacRonald's much. Not because I don't enjoy a Big Mac on occasion, or have issues with the healthy nature of their artery clogging sustenance; in a pinch I'm all about a double Quarter pounder w/cheese or 3, it's because of the deep frying smell. I've always had a distaste for the stank associated with deep fry oil/grease. That's saying a bunch I was the cook for a fraternity for a couple of years and I deep fried everything (bacon, sneakers, Lawrence T. Rat). The smell still throws me off a bit. The local Wallyworld has a MacRonnies located directly in the store. You walk through the automatic doors past the Fat Scooter charging station, the guy who smells like urine, the woman beating her hellspawn, the bottle return whoomp, and BAM....deep fried WTF. It's horrid. I bet the Photo hut people are accustomed to it 5 minutes after they get hired. Or maybe they have nightmares after taking pictures of Kleetus and his Wahhf for the 90th time standing in the funk of fry grease. My stomach is churning right now just thinking about it. (yup thinking about both the grease and Kleetus's Wife getting the family portrait in stained powder blue sweatpants size Shamu)

What gets me is that even though I dislike the deep fry smell, in the back of my head the smell is exponentially worse because it's actually in the Walmart. It's "just threw up in my mouth a little bit" disgusting. Is it Just me? Would you eat your own shoes rather than get a burger from a Wallyworld MacRonalds?

I'm willing to bet even the Super Size Me guy would skip the place if he made a sequel, in favor of scrapping with seagulls for french fries in the parking lot.

More WTF: Seagulls what are they doing in Schenecta'dirt, we're land locked in NY State.

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