Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Idea Bad Idea

Moron, or just plain stupid?

Should you be in Schenecta'dirt, and be feeling a little frisky, it may behoove you.... BEHOOOOOOOooooove you to not solicit any prostitutes. Should you disregard that minor bit of advice please keep in mind that prostitution is an illegal activity. I'm not saying that prostitutes are all shady, or perhaps maybe they are (I don't know any personally). It is indeed illegal in the eyes of the Law. Ask Elliot Spitzer he'll tell you how much money a prostitute can take you for plus the extra added bonus of a marriage and the Governor's seat at a big ass breakfast table.

I'm fairly certain that the $20 street corner hooker could be a bit more shady than say a Bunny Ranch $5,000 an hour "classy" harlet. In the newspaper today there was some poor riled up guy that made a terrible business decision. Paper or plastic? a common question we all get while we're shopping. It shouldn't be applied to in the dark alley sex trade by any means. This guy, this grown man, decided to give a 'nice' middle aged veteran strumpet plastic. Platinum no less... and was astonished by the fact.....ASTONISHED, that she took the card and max out $10,000.

"Mark it zero! Smokey" with three more 0's and a 1 in front of it to boot.

Is it wrong to think that a WallyWorld gift card probably would have done the trick?(<-I'm leaving it...... 'trick').

On a different note, 2 whole winters have past since I saw the hooker on a bike. Mostly because I moved out of the 'Dirt. I'm sure she was workin it on Erie Boulevard in fishnets a short leather jacket and 10speed during the dead of night in 20 - 0 degree weather regardless of my seeing her or not. She was hardcore.

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