Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I just got a rejection letter in the mail, it hurt more than bad, because I've become very accustom to eating serious rejection letter in the most serious sense. I've sent just under 350 resumes in the last ten years to various companies and/or not-for-profit organizations. I've never in that 10 yrs enjoyed the opportunity to enjoy a multiple interest. I've been toying with 3 as of late and I decided that Family and loved one were the correct place to take a stand. This shot was especially painful not only because I got whacked,. because I also let a brother that put his own interests out there for me and gave me a solid reference, down. I got nothing on this end........ I suck My degrees will be smashed out of glass and used as terlet paper.

I'm also incredibly mad, mad with ?, and bitterness....



-RwB said...

Life can be a nut kicker.

Anonymous said...

I didn't count how many resumes I sent out, but I would guess about 100 in a six-month period. Three master's degrees, strong recommendations and references... and, nothin'.

And now I sit home, as the economy finally improves and we've moved to a place with more jobs in my field, and I can't, physically and mentally cannot, even handle the idea of looking at what's available, much less applying and going on interviews and so on.

So if it helps at all, you're not even in the running for Biggest Loser just lately. Multiple surgeries, permanent disability, major mental illness: sorry, chief, I just three-upped you.

Much love your way, and you know there's always space here for you when you need it.