Sunday, April 12, 2009

I've been away

It's been awhile since the last post. Nothing has actually resolved itself. I missed Alumni weekend for what I thought was a bit of banking error on my part. I thought I spent too much loot. NO so, some jerkball stole my card information and went on a terror all over the interwebbs buying stuff. I hope for his/her sake it was something good, cuz right now....right now, I no longer enjoy a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The bank has no refund for the stolen card information but it's on its way. I had to sign 4 pages of affidavits and mail them back to corporate so they could be mailed to my bank documented and then they could mail then back to corporate who would in turn a refund for the lump sum total in a mailing of their own. ( It's a bank wire-that-shit!) So what's a guy to do when he has 28$ to his name and a 3day weekend? Yup gooooood guess, I bought beer and smokes and had people over to celebrate identity theft. Go! ID Theft !!! YAY! Ripped it up enough to piss off my downstairs moldy (Mr. B). I also slow cooked some food. I didn't think it possible to burn something in a crock pot set on low ( I was wrong) it was a bit charred although still edible 37hrs later when I rememebered I had actually put food in the thing instead of using it as a paperweight.

Back to an exciting week of the same old same old.

I should be out of the dark here pretty soon and back to financially stable. which is a good thing considering that I could possibly be moving to a new pad.

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