Sunday, April 19, 2009

Todays Randomness

Today's Randomness is brought to you by leftovers, the word piebald • \PYE-bawld\ • adjective 1 : of different colors; especially : spotted or blotched with black and white *2 : composed of incongruous parts, and the number 9.

I have leftovers from nine different food stuffs sitting patiently by my desk for dinner tonight. I went to the rent's place to enjoy a belated dinner for Easter / the old man's B-day and came out of the deal with a shit-ton of food I neither wanted nor have a place for in my tiny refrigerator, so I made up my mind to eat until I couldn't force anymore. LAst night I went off the deep end and ripped through an entire Raspberry Cheese cake solo. ( It hurt.)

I'm gearing up for another week of work, bank stuff, and a possible date with the Moon-goddess bank manager, figure that one out and you get a prize. If I figure it out I'll give myself the prize.

I haven't had a smoke in 5days, and to tell you the truth I doubt I'll crave a cancer stick until I have a nice frosty cold beer in my hand. I hear that's where you have to draw the line....

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