Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hypo-critical infusion

Here's little something from today's bank visit. Whilst waiting for the few the proud the legally slow insane people to get rid of their stacks of receipts and 2bil transations apiece, I had the opportunity to chat a bit with the girl standing next to me. It was really just nonsense banter and I'm not sure how the subject got changed but we ended up talking about food. Well; actually, animals considered as food. I'm really not too sure how many times this has happened to me in the past but it's a lot. We slowly moved toward and covered how vegetarians (she was a firm believer) are healthier, and that meat eaters(I'm a firm believer) are destined to die a horrible death at the hands of a viscious marmot and spend life eternal roasting on a spit in the rotisserie oven that is hell. So what, I can deal "I love animals because they taste good". Chuckle chuckle, kick a sideways glance shrug it off....(waiting for it. waiting for it...)

She mentioned PETA, and I knew the conversation was about to take a turn south. "I love animals I would never hurt them, you're a bad person for eating them... what'd the lil fuzzy bunny ever do to you,....." blah blah blah.

Again I don't know how many times this has happened to me in the past, but it's a lot. Oh look it's my turn to talk to the teller,

"Nice shoes by the way, Huh Leather.... What'd the poor wittle cow ever do to you?" I bet you had 2% milk on your cereal this morning"

There isn't a food product out there that isn't in some way related to the "mean" treatment of animals. Organic produce you say... I say Manure. Manure isn't a free range commodity.

Some people should really think before they take the exit to the south in a conversation.

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