Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chuck's nightmare

The only man that can give Chcuk Norris a run for the title


Bill said...

So shaggy, I am assuming you have seen the ORIGINAL video?

Shaggy Bob said...

I have seen the video and am now workingout and taking my 'roids to get bigger; ultimately thinking of dance classes, to perfect the whole ensemble before Halloween. Yup.... The world tends to need assholes like me to try the impossible. I've decided that Willy Wonka, a Dick in a Box, Jesus, and a Kung-Fu Drunken Master need to be supplimented with a berth as the Techno Viking. How to get techno music to play when I start swinging the imaginary glow sticks will be the tough will perhaps getting revelers to follow along to the juiced up pide piper.