Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm headed to Potsdam for the Annual LPE Alumni Weekend. This may not sound to epic, but you have to look at as thus: The Mansion on The Hill is great no matter what season (havnig spent 8yrs of my life festering in the place I'm biased), the River is a few hundred stumbles away, McDuff's is once again a viable place to imbibe and..... where was I? Oh, the people up there are nothing short of wicked Ahhsome to hangout with. I'll be rollnig from the Albany area to arrive just about 3pm, check into the Clarkson Inn (I'm pretending I'm a grown-up this round), zip on out to the house to make an appearance and then see how many people I can muster to begin the ultimate debauchery for happy hour. Ahhh McDuff's HAppy Hour how I missed thee.

Lace up yer drankin boots youngin's I'm 5x5 in the pipe flying in hot.

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