Thursday, March 19, 2009

The girls

I cashed my paycheck today and went to the grocery store to liberate a tasty dinner prior to going away for the weekend. It wasn't that exciting until I was waiting in the checkout line. In front of me was a college aged betty (we'll call her Trisha), wearing what I can only describe as a celebutard track suit. It was pink...velvety and fit. She was an attractive girl, with huge... I mean huge cans. I'm 6'2" and she was 5 and change, I was looking down anyway. They were displayed prominently for the world to see splilling out of the white low cut top she wore to wrangle them. I'm a dude...I was staring no big whoop. Boobs are Boobs and a guy can't help a viewing. Although I guess I was staring a bit too openly, or the fact that I shaved off the Grizzly Adams beard a bit early in the season that made her pay more attention to this guy.( I like to thing of myself as a sexy bitch when I get cleaned up) Before I could pull my gaze from the brestesseses she was gawking at me and mentioned that I was awefully rude. NOT SO,sister.... NOT SO.

I politely informed her that "if she wasn't in the mood to get oggled by dudes while out in public, she should dress in a less openly displayed manner", I sited an example using myself as the subject "I don't go around with my balls hanging half out of my pants in public, should I choose to dress that way, I would only assume that people would be staring at them." I do believe that I would get arrested one can't openly display genitalia in New York State, but the option for women to go topless is still legal...I haven't seen it ever.

She wasn't too upset, and actually gave me a wry little half grin, and big doe eyes when we left the store chatting on the way to our vehicles.

Huh!? The girls were out there for a reason.

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ONeill said...

The weekend after that law was passed in NY(late 80's, early 90's) there was a girl in my HS that sat on the park bench in the center of town topless for the entire day. When I asked why, she simply said "because I can."