Thursday, May 28, 2009

New place

Found the new place, a definite life upgrade.... It all depends on the current tenants, the lease signing and the eventual move. I had planned to try to move into the new place by the 15th of June, but it may get pushed back until July first. no harm no foul it'll give me a couple extra weeks of saving to make the place more spectacular eventually. I can always rent the storage unit for an additional month to make the trasition as smooth as the exedus from the Oasis.

When I've moved in the past with less stuff I'd always waited til the last minute, this round of moving I started well inadvance, a month in advance and barring all the furniture that I couldn't physically fit in the jeep I was technically out a week ago minus the cleaning and steaming. The Oasis will be a thing of the past at 3pm tomorrow. It's my hope that I'll finally learn how to lay down drop cloths properly at the new place. The garage is big enough to accomodate a studio area so it shouldn't a real problem. It is possible to get oil and acrylic paint out of rugs, carpets, ceiling fixtures, door jams, and off walls, windows, and appliances it just takes a bit of elbow grease some heavy chemicals and a bunch of wire brushes. I AM MR. CLEAN's raging bicep.

The new place checklist:
Pong Table
Dry Bar set up
Barbeque grill with extra added badassedness
herb garden
lawn mower
snow shovel

Unfotuntately the new digs aren't set in stone yet, there's a what if factor and all the little things that could possibly go south. Hopefuly everything will iron itself out in the upcoming week.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

There are people out there crazier than I

Just thought I'd get that out there. In my super busy labor intensive job I tend to have a few minutes here or there to surf the old intarwebb. I was searching a topic that was referenced in a novel I was reading and then started clicking on the next best thing that came along until I landed on a site that was, well..... created for the Great North American Whackadoodle holed up in a cabin somewhere in the Northwest Territory.

Now I'm all for it, get out there and get some proof. But since a specimen has never been conked on the dome and or found with a skeletal system more than .0025% whole. I think this particular chart is just about the handiest thing ever. In fact I'm walking on tip-toe next time I head into the woods and bringing my camera.

There's nothing I hate more than a deaf sasquatch eating my garbage while thinking about children!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm looking at a few houses this weekend, and hopefully the process will be fulfilling. Three places within a 30min commute isn't half bad and if we are all on board the moving should be a snap once the final decision is made. A Lake apartment, a Townhouse, and a Cottage are the three players. One is with in stumbling distance to a pub ( Bayou Cafe, never been but I'm assuming it'll grow on me), one is within stumbling distance of lake rights (canyou canoe?), and one is within a short drive of Toga/ Toga Lake/and Northway for easy travel. I'm seriously leaning toward the townhouse, but it'll warrant a first person inspection. (9am isn't my favorite time of the day, but since I have appointment scheduled I'm sure I can roll out of the rack and be somewhat personable.) That will be followed by the Lake property; It's never good when a property manager says they've just renovated the inside and the the outside is the next big project. [It makes me thing the place is a healthy dose of shithole, but the money's right]. Third is the pub crawl place. I did a fly by and saw a contractor busy making reparations for the pasts lack of simpathy.

Packing up my life is easier than anticipated but still a pain in the ass. As of now I only have the 4 peices of furniture that don't fit in my Jeep, clothing and my kitchen to go. The kitchen is tomorrow's project, with paper plates and red plastic party cups ready to step up and take one for the home team.

I am definitely not looking forward to cleaning the place proper. It's not that I'm a slob by anymeans, but I been a bit creative and painted a few pieces since I've been there. I could have tarped the entire interior of my place and set out quadruple drop cloths and paint still would have made its way into the carpets. If the new tenant are into Jackson Pollock no harm no foul, if not I'm going to eat some serious cost with replacement.

Then there's the side of me that usually rears its ugly head in such situations "ah Fuck It!" me thinks,

You're not in the dugout

It is not your team, you are not on the payroll, you are not in the line-up, you are not batting clean-up with the bases loaded, you do not warm-up on the field.

SO, should I be wearing a different baseball cap than the particular team that you follow "fanboy" it doesn't give you the right to interrupt my meal to tell me that something was happening in a game I had no compunction to watch. It doesn't give you the right to expectorate over my food and use up my oxygen. ok, ok I'll make it simple. "YOU BOUGHT A FREAKING HAT" shut yer trap and let me enjoy my burger.

By social observation alone I can honestly say that Red Sox and Yankees "fans" are ridiculous. I would alternate hats everyday just to keep track of the stupid, if I were to buy into the advertising machine. "SO, how'd we do in the daygame today, it's gonna be a rough double header".... ah, no Bite me.

And to the guy at WallyWorld, I was buying socks, and bathroom cleaner... not screaming from the bleechers when you imagined yourself hitting a home run in the world series. F-U and your silly hat. "GO SCRUBBING BUBBLES!!!!!" Chiach

Sunday, May 10, 2009


It sucks to move, it's a pain in the ass. I know...I've moved quite a bit in the last 6yrs. Not all encompassing life changes, rather short "get out of the ghetto" type transfers of my stuff... followed by "hey look the crime scene van" moves, and the ever popular "was that a SWAT team incursion" time to check out different diggs a bit further from the heart of the 'Dirt. I'm looking still for a new place to live and have until the end of the month to get all my junk in a storage unit. It's a 10x15ft self-storage corregated cookie cutter aluminum space, I'm just over half moved right now, and it's sad. Very sad actually, I'm not even going to be able to fill the space ~the floor space~ not counting the 12ft ceiling. To tell you the truth, I could probably fit my Jeep in the unit with all my stuff and still not have to climb over stuff to get around it. I'm planning on donating some clothing and a couple of pieces of furniture to the Army so they can Salvage what ever uses they can from them.... al ittle contribution to those less fortunate.

I have appointments set throughout the week to visit various rental houses, and a contractors special lease to own home. I'm thinking if the place is insulated for arctic survivaL it would be perfect."Radiated floor heating?! Pffft whatever. I can't see how I could possibly take my 10x15 ft worth of shit and fill a 5br, 4 1/2 bath home, with full finished basement, 3 car garage, inground pool, and a dock on the Mohawk River, but the price is right and hell I bet I could give it a try. The other places are smaller and more quaint. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able switch my permanent addy with the bank and move my stuff for a June 1st berth in new diggs.

Here here

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I checked my mail earlier today for the first time in a week and was pleased to see an envelope from the Christian Science Children's Fund. Now I used to see the commercials where you could donate the cost of a cup of coffee a day to sponsor a child in need. I opened the letter and I was was suprised to see that they had offered me the opportunity to sponsor a child that was in desperate need of some help. It had a picture, it had a vague description of where the child lived somewhere in the northern portion of S. America. Nothing specific. I looked over the material and thought long and hard about my finances to see if I could help.

Unfortunately 110037309 (the name of the child) will have to go without my help.... I went out and bought a cup of coffee. Had they included a name, even a fake name, a pseudo-christian name, or even Joe Smith, it would have sealed the deal. But alas poor 110037309 will have to live in filth and I'm adding some sugar to the coffee.