Thursday, May 1, 2008


The Annual/ Semi Annual/ whenever it's possible, HS Bleecher Creatures,... now Moms & Dads, hopelessly single mutts, Engineers, Gym Teachers, and the career clueless are ampted up for a rendezvous. This years choice the Sunny outskirts of the armpit of New York State, Syracuse NY. The clubs are clean, I'm coming down with a nasty cold (NO GIN MAKES ME SOMETHING SOMETHING...<=read, susceptible to illness.) Beers, Bar-B-ques, a round or two of chasing the small ball. Should be good times. My weekend mission is to stay as far away as I can from anyone under the age of 7 that could quite possible get the sniffles. "Hold my baby..." >"Not today bruther, not today"

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