Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Todays Randomness

Todays Randomness is brought to you by, some jackass that scattered roofing nails across the entrance to the parking lot here at the Gaz (apparently it's the 3rd time. I didn't get the memo about the previous nailings). The word nefarious: ne·far·i·ous Pronunciation: \ni-ˈfer-ē-əs\Function: adjective : flagrantly wicked or impious : evil, and the number "a bucket full".

As much as I dislike some people in the world, in that evil "nefarious" way that I am. The devious twisted dichotomistic step-twin of left or right brain function gone off the deep end with thoughts of retribution and how good a swan must taste all in the same second. I didn't lose any tires, I didn't see the nails, someone else was nice enough to scoop them up using only their own 4 tires. Now I can't say that the nail scattering wasn't warranted because the douche is anonymous. I can say that I'm pretty damn psyched that I didn't have to replace the tires on the Frankensteiner, last go'round it was a shitton of money. [then again I checked my tires thoroughly for foreign bodies and only came away from it knowing that they are in desperate need of replacing]. So I guess I say thankyou Asshat for throwing nails were I might drive giving me the opportunity to look at the wheels and make the decision to drive on bald F-in tires for a bit, thank you, ya "pipe" for being you., hopefully next time you decide to be a ninja and scatter some nails, a City bus on it's homeward-bound run for the evening will have a drowsy driver that doesn't register or care that you're there, and makes an example of you for all the little critters to look up to. you know, when they grow up to be roadkill.

Why? Nails? seriously.... we did alter the color comic line-up not too long ago. That doesn't warrant sharp pointy objects, a letter to the editor maybe, but not nails.

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