Thursday, May 22, 2008


T-minus just over 2hrs until I launch the second ever, week long vacation of my life. (barring of course the summers when I was in elementary school.) And as for the first thing I'm going to do on vacation..... wait for it, wait for it........... chip a filling. Yup thats the first thing I'm planning to do on my vacation. Technically my time off will rock, cuz I lost the filling about 35min ago and it's not really during my vacation just yet. When last at the dentist they mentioned a couple of options for when this was destined to happen. I say destined because the guy drillin in my face hole didn't seem confident ( I gave him the benefit of the doubt). He said should the filling come out we can cap your tooth for 600 bones or pull it for significantly less. If it's coming out anyway I'll deal with it for the weekend.

Plans change I'm cool with that, it's the showing up an hour late I can't stands.

So an addendum to my vacation plans involves a trip to the dentist. It'll make it that much more fun to go shopping for a suit. "which way do you dress asks the lady with the tape measure ready to capture the inseam" my reply "OHMMMmm hhhaaggplpktrg tuuuu duh MRLRPHhhh......." Good luck with that one; touch my balls. (that was rude, I'd never actually do it) But the thought is funny enough. Unless it's a dude not wearing a doctors uniform with sterile gloves minus the PhD and he tells me my balls are smooth as eggs with a wink and a coy smile. And on that note...I'll probably be away until a week from Sunday. Carry on, nothing to see here.......................

I'm getting sauced in Boston. Blend me up a porterhouse rare, and drizzle a couple of shots of tequila over it.

I'm 5X5 in the pipe, Funtruck is a GO.

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