Thursday, May 15, 2008

The start

Since I've been loafing around and not traveling much, the truck seems to be in good running order. So, before it gets all righteous and stuff, I'm going to take it back on the BoozeCruz. The next few weeks will undoubtedly add a fair bit of mileage.

May 16: Toga for a visit with DK LilMac
May 17: Back to the 'Dirt for some ghetto mud-boggin (never been? it's simple, replace mud with sidewalk and boggin with crackheads)
May 23: the red-eye to Boston ETA 6am for Memorial Day Weekend B-B-Q @ Z's place.
May25: the 'Dirt, for work on Memorial Day
May 27: the Second ever Annual week long vacation begins,(what that means? basically I have no plans and if you live within a days drive you may get a visit. Anywhere between Montreal and Atlanta, and from the East Coast to Souix Falls SD. [I was contemplating taking a drive to Bozeman MT, but that would leave all my stuff here for the repo-man when I don't return].
May 31: I may catch BiPolar's last concert ever at Northern Lights.
June 1: Play the lottery to possibly win enough cash to repeat the previous week 4-evar.
June 7: Golf outing in Newry ME with the old fraternity mutts, Pregame barstool olympics.
June 8: Tee-Time 10:40am, followed by pool bar/ hottub bar/ dinner bar/ bar bar/ tavern bar.
June 9: 8hr Trek back to the Gaz for a 6pm shift.
June 14: MJ's B-day, and Dad Day Extravaganza.

I'm thinking I'd like to check out the renovated McDuff' for a night so I'll have to get a working plan for the Great White North.

Somewhere in there the Frankensteiner will break down, I'll curse all that is holy and then spend the entirity of my savings to get a new vehicle ( A gas guzzling muscle car, a testosterone emitting thunder truck, or a Volkswagon minibus, nah...just kidding, a Vespa with racing flames; only 94miles to the gallon.)

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