Thursday, November 15, 2007


Looks like all you monkeys on the East Coast will have to buck up and deal. Who actually wants to move to Alaska and get paid obscene amounts of money for a job they love to do anyway?? ( you would think Denali Nat'l Forest would persuade the naysayers, but it doesn't) I want my shiat hole existance to be right here across the river from the Ghetto Schenecta'dirt... "F" the wild animals on the frontier and all their tasty glory. I bet a deer blasted in teh ADK's tastes just the same as Elk from Chugatch.


Jen said...

Bob, sorry to hear this news. Please don't get discouraged! I have no doubt that the right thing will pop up. Until then you've got the Oasis, which I must say, is super nice. Oh, and if you move to SC (or was it NC?) we gotta hang!

Shaggy Bob said...

Hells yeah.