Monday, November 19, 2007

Todays Randomness

Today's Randomness is brought to you by, serious shaggybob Vampirism, the word denigrate • \DEN-ih-grayt\ • verb 1 : to attack the reputation of : defame *2 : to deny the importance or validity of : belittle, and the number 15. (equal to the number of minutes I actually saw the sun today).

Seasonal Affective Disorder... ever decide it's just too cold to venture out of bed on a winter day? Ever wonder why you've no energy, feel a bit sad all the time. Perhaps you are just like countless other people... suffering from (SAD). "I can't tell you first hand what it feels like, I'm usually too busy swimming in gin and tonic" I do think that it affects a lot of people as the times change and day light seems to wane. There are many things that you can do to pull yourself out of the funk, such as exercise, healthy diet and perhaps a new inviting hobby to take your mind off the darkenss. Me, I burn small pieces of paper in front of a golden idol I call Fred. Fred looks similar to the Indiana Jones Idol and weighs about as much as a bag of sand. I even shared my bowl of cheerios to his Freddedness

I ate breakfast today, just like I had yesturday at 4am....ahhahahah "just kidding" it was 4pm, yet looked very similar out side to the wee hours of the morning.

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