Monday, November 5, 2007

Free range organic

Chatted briefly with Jo on this subject, but really didn't get too indepth, foolish rant follows turn away. Turn away now.

Are free range organic eggs really any better than the store bought eggs that come in styrofoam and are marked in the Grade AA? I mean, does an egg that invariably gestated in a bird going to be any different if said bird was caged or running around in the yard? I would think that there would be more problems with busted eggs from Free Range Chickens, or would the omlette be just that much more countrified? (I dun got me a free range omlette, cock-a-doodle-doo) PETA is going to hate me here, and on a subconscious level, heck I'll just flat out say I don't care. Animals are on the planet because they taste good. Fois Gras? Drunk Ducks with enlarged livers.... or wasted water fowl who can't control how much they eat. Our country is obese, why not the ducks man, why not the ducks. (PETA, n. an organization that sends me hurtful mail, followed the next day by solicitations.... my very own PETA address labels and videos of animals getting slaughtered) Ever see a cow get slaughtered? All I can say is that it's a grueome ordeal at best, a going to turn into steak and hamburger ordeal....processed meat, all beef franks and a tri-tip roaast, gruesomeness. They use an airhammer now, kaPow. As opposed to back in the day, READ the JUNGLE By Upton Sinclair.
Here's my theory, if animals were and are so intelligent, loveable, and derned cute... evolution would have made it possble to avoid being on the menu. How is that possible? you may ask.... go grab a knife, (I'll wait) just go to the drawer/block and pick out your favorite chef knife. It feels good in your hands doesn't it?! Now, pretend you are a cow.... you can't! because that thumb of yours holding onto the knife prohibits you becoming a prey animal. Send in the VEAL biatches and have a feast, wear leather shoes, and belts, dine like a king or queen.... Lasron once said to me at a party, that 'If my dog would ask him for a bite of his hamburger'... in english, 'he'd give her the whole damned thing'" And I knew he would, but she's not going to speak english anytime soon, and opposable thumbs are way out of her league. I step on bugs, spiders and other things that crawl... exoskeletons are no match for the opposable thumb toting carnivores. A stew pot is a great place to keep a bunny. There are things I don't eat, Shark, I don't eat shark.. I also don't swim in the ocean because a shark could eat me. See how it works, Apex predators should consume whatever they like with out having to worry. Opposable thumbs and a paycheck are the only limitations. If you want to spend triple the cost for a chicken that runs around all the time bully for you, I'm going to eat the lazy one that comes from a cage.... If fact, I'll never see the cage, my chickens come in shrink wrap, on styrofoam, sometimes a couple of birds at a time, well...the parts at least.
I'm not going to bash anyone for being good to the food stuffs, but if you're going to join an organization that promotes better animal living through knowledge, ( get a bucket and climb a tree, free range milk is hard to come by) "whatcha waitin for up in that tree? "A cow to walk under me so I can jump down and milk it" good luck with the calcium intake buddy, I hear that the cows are wearing camoflage these days...if you're color blind cuz you didn't eat carrots as a child.
If you're a person that says animals that live organic have a better life, and that's why you've decided to give up on the mass produced meat, I can understand that. But you also have to think of this...It's still F-in Dead and you're eating it, it dies to be on your plate, I doubt organically raised beef is sung a lullaby, and or given a chance to run free out on the prairie when they're about to turn it into a slab o beef. "Awe, that's a good beef cattle, did you enjoy your organic oats today, look over there, a few free range cows....what do you say stud head on over an.....=>blam beef tips<=.
Organic vegetables? No matter where you get them they grew with shit, shit alone or shit mixed with dirt. I can't taste the difference between a carrot that costs $0.35, and a carrot that costs $2.55, but I can defintely see the wallet emptying. Carrot, (Ka-rot)n. orange root vegatable that grows in dirt, available at varying prices, yet strangely similar all around when it comes to nutritional value. ( the only difference I see in the market with organic veggies is the faux dirt, that's what you're paying for.

Point less rant, finished. I'm going to go get a soy latte, with organic cinnamon, in a biodegradable, recycled cup, head home to my chemical free domicile, light up a bees wax candle put on my hemp pajama pants and read a book that was printed on flax.


moe.L said...

you sleep better knowing that you are doing a small, yet important part in the cycle of the world. If you buy and live organically, less chemicals are being used to farm, produce and package your food.

Shaggy Bob said...

But the chicken, it was good no? : )

I'm trying to get into the cycle/recycle-ishness, I am.

Brian Ricks said...

I'm torn on the organic produce argument. I'm not eating pesticides, but more land and energy goes into producing organic plants. If the small amount of pesticide that's in "normal" produce isn't going to hurt me, then it's irresponsible to waste the resources on organic farming. It will probably never be conclusively shown that these pesticides are harmful or not, so we'll never know. I just always try to buy from the producer which is closest to where I live, organic or not.

moe.L said...

well if you won't eat least recycle.

(shaking my fists in the air) ARRGG!