Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rut R'oh Raggy

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Devastatin' Dave's agent called and he won't be entertaining the happy hour crowd at the Oasis. He died tragically when his faux leather pants exploded into flames touching off a conflagration that ignited and ultimately charred him to the soul. Zip Zap Rap..... R.I.P. Fire officials expect foul play...something having to do with poor album sales and his shady record label. "It was a totally Devastatin' blow to the record industry to lose such a mogul"

In his stead, the Zman will be making an appearance approximately 8pm, after a brief moment of silence.... the drankin boots will be laced up, and it'll be a good to the last drop evening.


Willem said...

Alas, poor Dave. We hardly knew ye. No, really.

Shaggy Bob said...

F-Dave man, PLUTO LIVES!!!, It'll be a planet until my grandkids tell me otherwise, but only if they're pushing my wheelchair out of the NursingHome under cover of darkness so I can escape the blended tuna-melt suprise scheduled to slurp for lunch the next day. That and a bottle of Tangueray, damn I love my grandkids already.