Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey Day

So here I sit munching away on leftovers with the mane flowing in the artificially heated stench that is my office space. Mmmmmm leftovers. I have enough left over goodness to dispell rumor about me chopping off the mop. Granted I'm really just looking for an excuse. I can't force myself to specifically go to a chopshop just for a trim.

I realized once again that family is family and no matter how mundane or confusing it becomes at the homestead it's fun to be there.... for a limited time. In fact, I've found that I have a threshold for the funnyfarm. I can be in close proximity to the 'rents for just over 48hrs before I get the urge to conflagrate. The first 24hrs it's novel to hear stories and get the info about random phone calls to relatives across the country. After the first 24..... and the 5th time I've heard said stories of lore, it starts wearing me down. 36hrs....I begin to get agitated at the small stuff (whoever said "don't sweat the small's all small stuff" needs a kick in the JimmyMarbles"), and then 48hrs turn me in to pure evil. So 48hrs of parents and I was back at the Oasis with enough food for an army. Today...I'm patting myself on the shoulder as the Army of One while I take my dinner break and finish off the spoils of the pseudo-vacation. The leftovers lasted just under one day while under my care.

Hope ya'll had a great Turkeyday vaca, and were able to spend time with fam and friends... I'll be peacing out for a few more days to help the McG family venture on to a new beginning in SC. Until Wednesday.....

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Kate said...

Having done the Locks of Love thing twice so far, I can tell you that the mane grows back faster than you'd think.

Go for it, be a monkey. Get in touch with your inner primate.