Monday, November 5, 2007

November 9th

I realized today that I'm looking at my newly added responsibilities at work in the wrong light. I've been basically bitching and moaning that I don't get paid more to be ultimately responsible for the finished product of the company. I've got it in my head that since I'm the newest member of the nightside team, they wouldn't bat an eyelash at sending a pink slip to my desk should anything go "wrong" under my watch. That's not so crazy...getting rid of me wouldn't hurt anything....they could function. I didn't get the Christmas bonus that everyone else got last year, I missed the cut off by two days. I didn't get a raise in June, yet didn't get the axe like the unfortunate 12. BUT, now that I think about it, I get a daily bonus ( Everyday, as in every single day ) for working at the G. Monetarily It works out to about a Starbucks Grande coffee or what would be a tasty good draft beer at a bar ( 1 everyweek of course). Everyday I get the extra added bonus of having the paper delivered right to my door. Yup $0.50 a day.... bonus man!, Bonus. And think of all the trees I'm killing by doing my job actually reading the paper every night as the last line of defense against the editorial oopsies. I do have to read it, in its entirety, as well as the entire online edition. [what a job]

I haven't unsubscribed...and I won't. The person that delivers my paper gets paid by the paper, the cost of plastic bags and rubber bands, come out of his or her pocket. So should I decide to cancel my subscription I'm taking food out of that persons mouth. They have a narstier shift than I do, I hear them pulling in as I lay down to finally sleep at 5-6am.... I'm the first stop on their route they'll be rollin' around dropping off papers until noon. So who am I to complain, I get a $.50 bonus everyday, and I help another soul with a terrible shift make ends meet.

MAybe I'll cover my place with all the old newsprint laying around, top to bottom, even the windows. Then I'll get my favorite spidey underwear on (only the spidey underwear) and cover myself in paint... Cadmium orange, and lead white.... sit on my couch and wait for the effects to kick in, then add color like an H.R. Puff 'N' Stuff set. Hmmmm. Thank you to the G, for the opportunity to be a performance artist, performing for my three biggest fans. Me, Myself, and I, we love performance pieces. And all for just $.50 a day. Woooo hoo!

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