Monday, November 12, 2007

Breakfast foods

I've decided that on the tail of cooking breakfast for Z an myself on Saturday that you really can't go wrong with breakfast foods. In fact I believe that everyone should decide on a whim to make a 12 egg omelette with bacon, roasted red peppers, and enough cheese to stop up an entire army of soldiers throw in some toast and grape jam and the world revolves a little smoother, hit that with roast beast hash and time stops. Granted if you cook like me, an omelette turns out to be more like scrambled eggs with shit in them. 12 eggs of scrambled with stuff in them, MMmmmmm. Left over breakfast foods, not so much, but they can be spiced up a bit if you roll the stuff in tortilla and add Frank's Original Redhot like it was it's own food group.

Today I had more breakfast, unfortunately without the added company, breakfast is just a little after most of the world finishes their lunch. It's not's brinner in all its glory. If there were an IHOP close to my place of res. I'd be eating pancakes everyday and getting a rabbit.

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