Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween indeed

I'll post better pictures of the costumes when they become available. Here's a Halloween blur for ya. Kung-Fool Drunken Master.

Z and Elisa rolled in Friday Night just about the time I was finishing off a happy hour brew with Wadlo. We rocked a cooking show and messed around with a case or two of oatsodas. Super chill night although they did end up tuning into my sleep schedule. 4am comes up pretty fast don't it? I even left a cheerleader (I can admit that, it was my cheerleader).

Saturday after a fairly lazy morning and early afternooner we headed to Toga-town to say hello to Miss Kristi, Lil Mac, and Ollie. It was good to see them, but had to be cut short unfortunately. I swear, some brilliant engineer out there is going to have to come up with a working teleporter, it would make life so much easier. After a few hours chillin in Toga we rolled back to the Oasis and I tried to get the costume together.

Spirit gum is a wonderous thing, but only if you use it in profusion. The eyebrows were firmly stuck to my melon all the way until the bartender at Spanky's tore them off. The Fool-Man-Chu mustache and goatee was a different matter. They looked alright when I applied them, and were fine in the Jeep on the way to the party, once in the open air the spirit gum started to let go. I was in costume in its entirety for just about 1 1/2hr before the left mustache fell off. I evened it out by yanking the other off. Once that was done I made it another 20minutes before a little spilled beer (Is there anything it can't do) dissolved the chin portion. I've decided to go with my own hair for any and all future make believe halloweenish dress up days, wigs....yeah....they suck!! I had issues eating until the facial hair came off, more because I don't like the stringy bland taste of acrylic hair, and I was getting more of that than the food. It was chilly in the sandals, but you gotta do what you gotta do. The jacket/shirt and pants are wicked comfortable... I see myself turning the kung-fu jacket into a chef coat, it "only" makes perfect sense to me.

The food at Spanky's was awesome this year, lots of stuff that you really couldn't tell what it is, but knew that it would be tasty. The drinks were a bit weak for me, but I made up for it with liberal consumption of coronas, Booood-light and of course the triple bakers dozen in jello shots. Slur to blur to slur and back again.

Bonfires kick ass
Haunted Houses... also kick ass. At one point a "spook" in the haunted house was supposed to throw marshmellows at the people going through, I had had just about invisibility worth in booze, yet keeping in character, when she whipped the marshmellows I caught 2 and deflected a few more Hiiii-YAh. WhaaaaAAaaaaaaH. Rob and Lisa will never be on the JV Halloween Team. They sure can throw a party.

We returned home; thankfully, with Elisa at the wheel. Z had drinkdrankdrunk enough for a small pub in Ireland, and didn't think being awake was a good idea, so he crashed. I stayed up until 4ish again, and kept chugging away. Hot Coacoa with the mixins for a white russian can never be bad in my book. Mmmmm warm booze. After yet another lazy early morning and afternoon they hit the road, I forgot to turn back my clocks, and wouldn't ya know it=> I was only 2hrs early for work.

E and Z will be sending some pics my way hopefully at which point I'll post them so you can live vicariously through the camera and imagine that the party was "an 8 out of 10, a good drunk".

Here's Elisa with the Oasis obligatory flight helmet pic.

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