Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ShaggyBob's Manifest Boozery

This Friday The Manifest Boozery will be heading to the farflung reaches of culinary delights known as the Watersedge LightHouse Restaurant. Join me for HappyHour at 5pm and a chance to win a free membership in the MugClub. No cover, the place closes at 10pm and the Oasis is just a short chipshot away. OK, ok...maybe a couple of serious drives, a bunker, and a 3lane road, but reachable in 4: putting optional. Bring your ID's. I have to, I still have no facial hair.
A Virgin Martini just ain't the same.
Sasha is makin the drinks and he's no pushover. In former Soviet Russian he waas enforcer with K-G-B... you tip NOW.

"Eat Alone and Starve...Drink Alone and Die..."


1 comment:

Willem said...

In Soviet Russia, martini stirs you.